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John David Lewis

John David Lewis harbors a love for Jackson that he has carried with him throughout his life and especially now in his current position as deputy director of the Department …

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Jerk City Grille Represents Caribbean Cuisine in the Metro

After years of working in the food industry, Ridgeland resident Wendell Brewster decided “it was time to invest in myself” and opened a food truck in April of this year. …

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Robert Martez Hopkins

Through Knowledge Camp University, Robert Martez Hopkins ministers to his community, serving more than 200 children across south Jackson in various ways, alongside head coach David King and assistant head …

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Jeffrey Altman

As of April 1, Jeffrey Altman has taken on the role of interim executive director for the Mississippi Department of Transportation, or MDOT, following the retirement of Melinda McGrath after …

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Michael Beattie

Michael Beattie, president and executive director of the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, will retire after serving the organization for almost 17 years Sept. 1, 2021.

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Col. John B. Carter

Col. John B. Carter will be inducted as the next Commander of the Mississippi State Guard on April 24 at a ceremony at Camp Shelby.

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Jason Dean

For Dr. Jason Dean, a passion for Mississippi and a drive to help his home state grow have guided his life and career.

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Viola Dacus: Vocalist, Instructor, Mother

Dr. Viola Dacus vividly recalls one of the teaching moments that affirm her career choice of helping others develop their vocal performance.

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Garner Music Academy: ‘Make the Music Happen’

In her hometown of Pocahontas, Miss., Latongya Garner developed her affinity for music at Baker's Grove Missionary Baptist Church, where she currently serves as music minister.

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Jamie Shines

Jamie Shines' friends call her the "queen of the off-guard," for her love of taking spontaneous pictures of them when they least expect it. "I take the best off-guards ever," …

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Shower Power, ‘Loving the Homeless Back to Life’

Shower Power founder Teresa Renkenberger came up with the idea of converting a food truck into showers for the homeless while she was having a conversation with a homeless friend.

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Family, Life’s Most Powerful Siren Song

A passion for music may have led Dawn Dixon across the Atlantic Ocean for a time, but her love for her family brought her back to her southern roots.

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

While Jon Lansdale never had formal culinary training, his appreciation for cooking provided the drive he needed to make his restaurant, Crazy Cat Eat Up, a staple in the Jackson …

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Ira Murray and the 'Spirit of Jackson'

Ira Murray made Jackson his home for a second time after accepting the position of president and CEO with the United Way of the Capital Area.

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Christopher Kochtitzky: A Good Agent, A Good Man

Jackson lost a favored son on Sunday May 3 in the death of Christopher “Chris” Kochtitzky in Atlanta. “Chris was always interested in—and promoting—Jackson. He was our ‘ambassador’ so-to-speak at …

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Texissippi Sid, Musical Tones from Two Homes

A veteran to the Jackson music scene, Sid Thompson has been strumming a guitar since the early 1960s.

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Local Brews for Me and You

Larry Voss and Dylan Broome opened LD's BeerRun in December 2014 in northeast Jackson initially as a craft-beer retail store to serve the needs of local beer lovers.

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Sandra Shelson

Sandra Shelson has served the Jackson area, and Mississippi at large, in her position as executive director of The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi for the last 16 years. However, …

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Patrick Harkins: A Businessman with a Band

"I like to work with the mantra of positivity and doing the best we can every day to give our community the gift of music," says Patrick Harkins, owner of …

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Casey Spell

Pearl native and resident Casey Spell has never felt too busy to take on another activity or responsibility, as he is presently working his way through medical school while also …

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James Kenyon

Jackson resident James Kenyon says he has a heart for "telling stories that might not otherwise be heard," which he has had the chance to do since co-founding the Hearth …

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Chandler Griffin, Storyteller

"I've done everything from teaching Dalits how to tell stories to running a workshop in Malaysia with kids who are deaf but want to tell their stories," filmmaker Chandler Griffin …

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Mike Cashion

Michael "Mike" P. Cashion Sr., who has lived in Clinton for 23 years with his wife, Debbie, recently retired as the executive director of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association …

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Elephant Wrecking Ball Swings by Jackson

Elephant Wrecking Ball brings its woven concoction of experimental jazz, hip hop and electronic music genres to Jackson on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at Martin's Downtown as part of the group's …

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William H. Kelly III

William H. Kelly III, known as Willy to some, has been drawn toward photography since an early age, as evidenced by baby photos he has seen of himself that show …

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Will Hoge

Grammy-nominated country music singer-songwriter and producer Will Hoge is making his way to Jackson to share the stage with Stephen Kellogg at Duling Hall as part of the "Gentlemen on …

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Amber Johnson: Becoming the First

The Jackson City Council honored Amber Johnson during an Aug. 6, 2019, meeting at city hall after she became the first African American woman to receive a Ph.D. from Purdue …

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Endless Adventures in JXN

In 2019, Visit Jackson invited Eric and Allison Bieller to visit the city. They spent several days in June seeing the attractions and going to various restaurants and trying the …

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Kenneth Vance

Kenneth Vance acknowledges the value of serving others. As an outreach worker for Grace House, a nonprofit organization that focuses on housing those in need, he is able to do …

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A New Class of Leadership

For M. Cade Smith, the assistant vice chancellor for community engagement at the University of Mississippi, his time in the WKKF Community Leadership Network program were three of the most …

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Lydia West

Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics President Lydia West's strong memories of her family spending time in the kitchen and eating together with friends started a life-long interest in food, …

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Bringing the River Back to Life

The Mississippi River Basin Model, a National Civil Engineering Landmark, is in bad shape; however, compared to the last time I wrote about it for the Jackson Free Press, it …

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Kit Fields

As a child, local artist Kit Fields says she recalls loving to paint and draw, but it wasn’t until age 45 that she started taking painting lessons. Her first class …

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Junie B. Jones, Batman and Puppets

For the fourth time, the Mississippi Puppetry Guild will do a production of "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells."

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A Story of Survival at Parchman

Though "The Parchman Ordeal: The Untold Story" is not a feel-good film, it is a must-see film. It will leave you horrified and slightly sick to your stomach.

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Tinkering Life Away

"Tinker" is a somewhat sappy film told on two levels, as the protagonist Lenny Hale (Todd Barnett) looks for happiness and purpose in his life.

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The First Modern President

The U.S. has had many important presidents, but one that doesn't always come up in the conversation is Ulysses S. Grant. The student film "The Legacy of Ulysses S. Grant" …

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A NuRenaissance Before the New Year

Myron McGowan is many things. He is a native Mississippian from rural Foxworth, Miss., who takes style influence from the '70s (no gold chains, though, he says).

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Anik Kurkjian

Anik Kurkjian, who is the director of outreach and special projects for the Mississippi Museum of Art, clearly remembers the first time she met her husband, Drew Young.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Pride and Joy’

Beginning June 30, the Grammy Museum Mississippi began hosting an exhibit that pays tribute to late blues and rock guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, which runs through Oct. 16.

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To See the Face of God

"She's going down," whispered my wife, and I glanced in alarm at the bride. Chaos reigns when a member of the wedding party faints; we have seen it.

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Camaraderie and Tradition

My oldest daughter spent her last year of high school living with a family in a rural town in Ecuador, and it became a family joke to serve her dinner …