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Report: Mississippi Charter Schools Improve Grades, Need Changes

Three charter schools in Jackson raised their grades over the past year, a new legislative PEER committee report found. Still, the report recommended changes by the board that oversees charter ...

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OPINION: 'Faith' Is Inadequate, and Dangerous, Cover for Racism

"Racists, segregationists and anti-miscegenists can now back up their mere (and at least occasionally unstudied) religious opinion with the word of the law: they've got a right, so long as ...

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Support or Separation in Foster Care? Summit Explores Problems, Solutions

Neglect, not abuse, causes 75% of family separations in the nation's child-welfare system, and that neglect is often tied to poverty, Jerry Milner, acting commissioner of the U.S. Administration for ...

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White GOP Rep Who Lost to Black Dem Wants Election Overturned

A white woman who lost her Mississippi House of Representatives seat to a black woman challenger is asking the Republican-dominated body to overturn the election results.

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Koch-Funded ‘Bill Mill’ ALEC Names Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn National Chairman

When he resumes his leadership at the Legislature in 2020, Mississippi Speaker of the House Philip Gunn will also serve as the new national chairman of the American Legislative Exchange ...

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UPDATED: After JFP Query, Child Protection Agency Says PEER Miscalculated Data

PEER, a legislative committee intended to improve the "economy, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability" of state agencies, found in its annual review of MDCPS that the turnover rate rose from 21% ...

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Bloomberg Talks Justice Reform in Mississippi, Apologizes for ‘Stop and Frisk’

Following the private meeting, the former New York City mayor revealed to members of the press that he is running on a criminal-justice reform platform. He promised to cut the ...

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OPINION: Racial Fantasy in Mississippi Politics: ‘Threading the Needle’ Ignores Reality

The future of Mississippi's Democratic Party depends upon its willingness to embrace a platform that premises its politics upon shared economic and racial injustice, rather than trying to thread a ...

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Trent Lott Ties, Civil Rights Rulings Plague Trump Judge Pick from Mississippi

An embattled Mississippi judge's nomination to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans faces opposition from civil rights groups that claim he has a poor record on ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Meet the Mississippi Free Press, Focused on Causes and Solutions

The need for a new moral and cultural compass is why I and my co-founder Kimberly Griffin are announcing a new media project today called the Mississippi Free Press, which, ...

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A New Dynamic: Shanda Yates’ Surprise Victory

Shanda Yates had never thought about running for office and had a litany of reasons not to pursue the House District 64 seat when she first discussed the idea with ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Not a ‘Lost Cause’; Build and Fight

"I chose to make my home here 23 years ago. Mississippi has broken my heart on many more than one occasion. So, I hope everyone who worked hard will take ...

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Wicker Defends Trump, Boosting Russian Ploy to Pin 2016 Attacks on Ukraine

Mississippi's senior U.S. senator, Roger Wicker, claimed in an interview on Sunday that he saw no "direct evidence" that President Donald Trump did anything wrong when he pressured Ukraine to ...

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DOSSIER: Shanda Yates' Win in Mississippi Inspires Voters, Teaches Lessons

If the last week has proved anything, it's that people in the U.S., in Mississippi and especially in the Jackson metropolitan area are excited about a political newcomer, Shanda Yates, ...

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How 'Sister District' Helped Shanda Yates Unseat Longtime Mississippi Republican

Sister District, a California-based group dedicated to helping elect Democrats in state legislatures across the country, helped one Jackson area political newcomer unseat a longtime Republican incumbent.


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