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EDITOR'S NOTE: 19 Years of Love, Hope, Miss S, Dr. S and Never, Ever Giving Up

"I dedicate this first 19 years to Charles Corder, Herman Snell, Stephen, Jimmy, Alisa, Bingo, staffers over the years, advertisers who got it, and all of you who have believed ...

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OPINION: The Algebra Project: Bob Moses’ ‘Gateway To Equality’ For Black Students

Bob Moses used a MacArthur Foundation genius grant to create and launch the Algebra Project in 1982 to help rural and urban students achieve math literacy and to train teachers, ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Mississippians, Take Care of One Another, Don’t Feed the ‘Virus-Animal’

We have the means to end this pandemic that has taken so many from us and, for those of us fortunate enough to simply be inconvenienced, been such a previously ...

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OPINION: To Maintain a Legacy or Start Afresh? Questions Surround Veterans Memorial Stadium’s Fate

"Football is a contact sport. In addition to the ever-present risk of life-threatening injuries, our recent COVID-19 experience suggests a facility big enough to maintain social distancing is important."

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: On Hope, Travel and Award-Winning Journalism Teams

"Here on the first anniversary of the old flag coming down, driving Mississippi reminds you of all of the integration work that white Mississippians have yet even to attempt. Taking ...

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OPINION: Size Matters; Mixed Conservative Messages Pervade Mississippi Amid Pandemic

"Sen. Wicker, conservative Republican that he is, also believes in 'limited government,' except when he doesn't: as when he successfully pushed spending $28.6 billion to aid all those struggling restaurants ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Mississippi, Stop Stacking the Deck. Listen to Your Constituents.

Last fall, approximately 766,000 Mississippians voted to pass Initiative 65, which would have called for the Health Department to launch a medical-marijuana program in the Magnolia State by August 2021.

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OPINION: U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s Speech—An Intended Target, A Repeated Harm

"(U.S. Sen. Tim Scott's) statement that "America is not a racist country" sent shrapnel flying all over America, but it was intentional and targeted. He was speaking to his party's ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Systemic Racism Created Jackson’s Violence; More Policing Cannot Stop It

"You don't destroy hope and safety of generations of young people with threats of being burned at a stake for flirting, with the state's largest newspaper announcing it in advance ...

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OPINION: Bring Mississippi Into the 21st Century—Overturn Its Jim Crow-era Voting Laws

When it comes to voting, there is no denying a simple fact about Mississippi: our state has refused to eliminate antiquated laws that disproportionately silence Black and young voters.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Chapter Ahead of Motherhood, Meeting My Co-workers, Learning How Journalism Works

"Life happens in stages, it seems. I'm a reader, so I tend to think of it in terms of chapters, or maybe even books in a series."

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OPINION: Like Hard-Packed Soil, The Danger of Being Right

"Hard-packed soil does not grow flowers in the spring, nor any other kind of plant in any other season. If I am convinced that I am Right (with a capital ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Jackson’s Water Crisis, What Would Ditto Do?

While Lt. Gov. Delbert Hosemann often presents himself, rightly, as the Mississippi GOP's adult in the room, his reaction to Jackson's water woes this week leaves a bad taste.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Celebrating the Best, Pandemic Style

We published our first ever Best of Jackson issue in January 2003, right after we'd launched the Jackson Free Press in the fall of 2002. Nearly two decades later, a ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Big Changes for Jackson Free Press in January 2021

Along with changes on the national level, I've got several changes to report on the local JFP front, effective with this issue.

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OPINION: Making Government Surveillance Great Again in America’s ‘Radical City’

"Virtual policing means that 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, an all-seeing eye will be fixed on Jackson's majority poor and working-class residents."

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OPINION: Mississippi’s Republican Cats Up Trump’s Authoritarian Tree

One of Mississippi’s senators and three of its congressmen chose to jump on the Trump bandwagon, objecting last week to final certification of the Biden-Harris presidential victory.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: My COVID-19 Story; Appreciate the Good, But Don’t Be Complacent

Well, it happened. Despite my continued caution, I ended up contracting COVID-19 the week before Christmas.

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OPINION: Early Childhood; Best Investment for Community, Business Strength

As we near the end of an incredibly tumultuous and unpredictable year, I've thought a lot about what really matters and what kind of Mississippi I want to live in.

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OPINION: Janet Yellen and Kamala Harris Keep Shattering Glass Ceilings—Yet Global Elite Boys Club Remains

Janet Yellen may soon become the first woman to lead the Treasury Department—about six years after shattering another glass ceiling at the top of the Federal Reserve. She’s not alone ...