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OPINON: Hindsight 2020: Jackson Flooding and 40 years of Failed Solutions

"The flooding of the Pearl River in early 2020 has led to high water moving into neighborhoods and businesses, while many simultaneously want a 'flood control' plan for Jackson. These ...

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OPINION: Exceptional White Men, It’s Time for a Reckoning

Donald J. Trump's impeachment acquittal was a victory for white male mediocrity. The majority of the 69 white men in the U.S. Senate, engaged in a succession of choices that ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Mr. Mayor, Don’t Let ‘One Lake’ Be Your ‘Siemens’

"The mayor is clearly trying to express support for the people who are experiencing flooding this week. But this isn't (just) about sturgeon, Mr. Mayor. And I sincerely encourage you ...

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OPINION: Black Mothers Harmed Most by Withheld, Missing TANF Funds

For the past several years, Mississippi has been ground zero for a growing crisis as thousands of its low-income residents, primarily single, black mothers, were being turned away from a ...

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OPINION: Democrats, Leverage Our Blessings, Move Toward Unity and Activism

"Our duty is clear. We must endeavor to leverage the blessings we enjoy into the noblest of all pursuits: we must make a better world together. The Democratic Party is ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Needs Equal Employment Opportunity for All

"If equal employment opportunity for all was the law of the state, Mississippi workers could rest assured they could work to make a living for themselves and their families without ...

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OPINION: The Black Vote Is Not For Sale

"As we approach the 2020 election, we must ensure issues affecting our communities and our livelihoods are brought to the table and that we have a real voice in moving ...

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OPINION: Prison Reform and the State: The Impending Confrontation

The prison-reform rallies held at the Mississippi Capitol on Jan. 24 and Feb. 1, 2020, at the Governor's Mansion are evidence that dubious government-approved rallies don't just happen in "communist" ...

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OPINION: Hinds County Mississippi Defies ADA, and Wins

"Instead of complying with ADA and living our motto of being "The Hospitality State," Hinds County fights tooth and nail every step of the way and, by doing so, reinforces ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: In Love, Life and Work, Do the Right Thing and Wait

"The word 'power is often misused. It's not about money or controlling everything. To me, showing unconditional love for a partner, a city, a state or a nation through the ...

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OPINION: The W Pushes Back on Gov. Reeves' Attack on Gender Studies

Mississippi University for Women President Nora Roberts Miller publicly challenged Gov. Tate Reeves’ criticism of gender studies in his State of the State address. "Gender studies and other areas of ...

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OPINION: I Quit the Republican Party! I Will Now Work Against GOP, Trump

"The Republican Party is now under the complete control of our new national dictator, Donald J. Trump. In the most horrifying display of self-abasement ever seen in the proud history ...

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OPINION: Gov. Tate Reeves' Willful Ignorance Is Not the Gravest Sin

On Monday, Gov. Tate Reeves gave his first State of the State address on the steps of the Mississippi State Capitol, where he touched upon several topics: educational attainment, teacher ...

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OPINION: Healing Communities from Within: How to Survive Tough Times Together

Columnist Kevin Fong argues that emotional wounds are deeper, longer lasting and more toxic today, and they require more intensive work. He calls it Radical Healing.

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OPINION: Granting Clemency One Solution to Mississippi Prison Crisis

"Over the last few weeks, news about the conditions of Mississippi's prison system have exposed the need to see the humanity of people in prison."

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OPINION: RIP 8 and 24: Kobe Bryant's Legacy a Blueprint for Overcoming Flaws

"Ultimately, (Kobe) Bryant's death at 41 teaches that people must strive for quality of life and not quantity of life. It is the dash between one's birth and death that ...

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Sen. Roger Wicker to Jackson Man: ‘President Trump Will Be Acquitted’

"By impeaching President Trump on a partisan basis and with little evidence, House Democrats have ignored precedent and set a dangerous course. The rules in their process raised serious concerns ...

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OPINION: Love Letter to Jackson: You Need My Grind, Sweat and Tears

"Jackson, Miss., is the new mecca for innovation and forward progress and will be an example for cities nationwide with similar back stories. I refuse to leave you right when ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jackson’s Need for a Collaborative ‘Growth Mindset’

"On vexing community issues like violence, we can find and embrace solutions that are evidence-tested in other cities and that make a hell of a lot of sense for Jackson ...

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OPINION: Ugly Mississippi Prison Conditions Need Humanitarian Reforms

The era of mass incarceration involves both prison overcrowding and the nature of private prisons, a controversy to which the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman has also been linked.