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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Big Changes for Jackson Free Press in January 2021

Along with changes on the national level, I've got several changes to report on the local JFP front, effective with this issue.

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OPINION: Making Government Surveillance Great Again in America’s ‘Radical City’

"Virtual policing means that 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, an all-seeing eye will be fixed on Jackson's majority poor and working-class residents."

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OPINION: Mississippi’s Republican Cats Up Trump’s Authoritarian Tree

One of Mississippi’s senators and three of its congressmen chose to jump on the Trump bandwagon, objecting last week to final certification of the Biden-Harris presidential victory.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: My COVID-19 Story; Appreciate the Good, But Don’t Be Complacent

Well, it happened. Despite my continued caution, I ended up contracting COVID-19 the week before Christmas.

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OPINION: Early Childhood; Best Investment for Community, Business Strength

As we near the end of an incredibly tumultuous and unpredictable year, I've thought a lot about what really matters and what kind of Mississippi I want to live in.

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OPINION: Janet Yellen and Kamala Harris Keep Shattering Glass Ceilings—Yet Global Elite Boys Club Remains

Janet Yellen may soon become the first woman to lead the Treasury Department—about six years after shattering another glass ceiling at the top of the Federal Reserve. She’s not alone ...

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OPINION: Ask People with Memory Loss about Past Holidays to Help Them Recall Happy Times

"Many people love the holidays because they are a time to make happy memories with loved ones. But what if you could do something to help restore memories in some ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Rest Well, Gov. Winter. We Will Keep Your Fire Burning.

"Through the life of this newspaper and my adult years back in Mississippi, Gov. Winter and Mr. Meredith have been living history who have connected the past and present for ...

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OPINION: Governor’s ‘Patriotic Education Fund’ to ‘Fight Revisionist History’ is a Trojan Horse

"Gov. Reeves is merely parroting the president's belief that there is a vast, 'far-left fascism' working behind the scenes in our schools to bring down America by corrupting its youth. ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Truth and Journalism on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Tate Reeves is nothing if not a partisan first and foremost, as his choices to please Donald Trump by withholding sufficient COVID-19 safety regs have shown us all in the ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Gov. Reeves, Denial Ain’t a River in Mississippi

"Gov. Tate Reeves has done precisely the wrong things to quell this virus. He could have led his party and supporters in Mississippi instead of sheepishly kowtowing to the extremists."

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OPINION: Black Women Have Shown Us The Way; We Must Keep Feet on The Gas

"With strong progressive Black female political figures such as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams leading the way, Black women are poised to take this new decade by storm."

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OPINION: A Premature Christmas, What Many of Us Need This Year

Humans have an innate desire to feel good, to feel joy, to feel love, to feel cherished, to feel sheltered. Those are just a few things that the Christmas season ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Joy and Pain of Fighting for U.S. Democracy

Donald Trump is just one man. The real threat is the terrifying number of Americans who dote on him no matter what he does. His supporters are often described as ...

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OPINION: Where the Real Blood Money Lies in Fight Against Initiative 65

"The truth is that the real blood money in the marijuana fight comes from political contributions from large pharmaceutical companies, ones that have a vested interest in limiting the ability ...

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OPINION: The Man Behind Mississippi’s Failing ‘Moocher’ Economy

Mississippi's economy is sinking. We are among the worst in about everything, and we are dependent on money from taxpayers in other states. Gov. Tate Reeves is responsible for the ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Learning to Roar in Mississippi from Anne, Hazel and Fannie Lou

Mississippi has long had women warriors who don't flinch at attempts to make them shut our little mouths, who stare back, who write scathing columns, who get the hell beaten ...

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OPINION: What Will Election Day Look Like in Mississippi on Nov. 3? Prepare Now

Absentee voting is underway now. Because state law prohibits most Mississippians from voting early or by mail, long lines at crowded polling places are likely on Election Day. It didn't ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: A Mask Mandate is Support for Small Business

We've heard it over and over again. Masks are the best defense against the spread of the virus. They're about helping other people as much as about helping yourself, especially ...

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OPINION: The Case for Medicinal Marijuana in Mississippi

"To my surprise, former Gov. Phil Bryant is boldly making false claims about Initiative 65, on the ballot in November to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi if it passes. I ...