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OPINION: Blackness and Whiteness, To Whom the Story of America Concerns

James Baldwin said "the story of the in America is the story of America. It is not a pretty story." This ugly, brutal, and festering story is the truth that ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Tate Reeves Needs to Stop Making Excuses, Start Leading

"Gov. Tate Reeves is spinning. He is grasping at any straw he thinks can divert attention away from his abysmal leadership during the COVID-19 crisis in Mississippi."

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Stop Glamorizing the Cruelty of Racist Ancestors

"The Legislature put up this flag as a stated symbol of white supremacy in 1894 as all those hideous soldier statues were popping up with their sappy remembrances, and it ...

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OPINION: What Side Are You On? Racism Is Dividing Nation Along Line of Morality

"This election year will force America to choose between two very different ideas. What side are you on? Yes, America, there are two sides. We have arrived at the inevitable ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Flag Representing Chattel Slavery Must Go Now

"We are currently in a season of change; the winds of change are blowing away old ways of thinking and old symbols of white supremacy."

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OPINION: I’m Out of the Political Closet After 30 Years of Hiding My Beliefs

"I'm a white senior woman living in the Deep South. I’m also a Democrat. My closest family members and a few friends are aware of this, and a few of ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Community Leaders Support Removal of the Mississippi State Flag

"In Mississippi, the state flag is the most visible symbol of white supremacy. For many black Mississippians, the flag is traumatizing because it is a constant reminder of oppression."

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Stennis Flag Is the Best Choice Now for Mississippi

This spring and early summer have been heavy and filled with circumstances that one could not imagine only six months ago. COVID-19 is decimating our communities, and we endured another ...

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OPINION: No ‘Free Kills’ Unless We Are Black in Jackson

"The mayor claims to be against police murder. The “no free kills” banner Lumumba surrogates recently rallied under obfuscates that no real costs are meted out when the Jackson police ...

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OPINION: What Is Wrong with America Is Us White People

This word is for white people. I will start with my own identity: I am a white, heterosexual, 43-year-old man from Mississippi. There is a crisis of belief among what ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Safety Net ‘Designed to Fail’ in Good Times Failing Big Now

It's telling that, as part of his executive orders during this crisis, Gov. Tate Reeves suspended several rules regarding application for and receipt of unemployment benefits. Why did they exist?

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OPINION: Mississippians Can’t Breathe if Gov. Tate Reeves Keeps Validating Symbols of Hate

Columnist Duvalier Malone writes that Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves news to immediately take down all symbols of hate, including the state flag, so Mississippi can begin the process of racial ...

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OPINION: Enough. Remove Symbol of Confederacy from the Mississippi Flag Now.

The state flag of Mississippi needs to have the symbol of the Confederacy removed today. Not after a vote, not after three months of deliberation, not after a committee does ...

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OPINION: From Curfew to SWAT Team, Mayor Lumumba’s Police State Expanding

Suggesting he is against the governor’s hasty reopening of the economy and in response to the COVID-19 virus, while jabbering about “science and data,” the mayor says “we” don’t have ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Dear Dr. Dobbs, Mississippi Needs Precise COVID-19 Data

It’s often been a slog to get good and relevant information about the spread of the coronavirus that isn’t either confusing or incomplete, or what we get may combine apples ...

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OPINION: Watson’s Voting Views: Dressing Jim Crow Up in New Clothes

"In the shadow of Mississippi’s incredibly fraught history with voting, (Mississippi Secretary of State Michael) Watson rails against the bogeyman of potential voter fraud with the clear intent to keep ...

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OPINION: Mayor Lumumba Remains Silent on Predatory Culture of Jackson Police

Recently, at a press conference Mayor Chokwe Lumumba said that none of the “outside agitators” who opposed the disarming of Jackson’s overwhelming black population cared enough about the issue of ...

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OPINION: Virologist on Vital COVID-19 Safety Changes, from Toothbrushes to Nose-Picking

Dr. Cedric O. Buckley, a virologist working with Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba, warns that the way we usually store our toothbrushes could result in COVID-19 infection.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: We’re All Living in Tate Reeves’ Pottery Barn Now

As Gov. Tate Reeves learned this past week, the most powerful public office in Mississippi isn't actually that of governor.

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OPINION: Sick and Tired: What It Feels Like to Be Black in America

Columnist Duvalier Malone writes that well-intentioned white people must “step outside the bubble of your white privilege” to make a real difference for black Americans’ equality and safety.