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OPINION: Till's Memorial May Be Bulletproof, but America Still Needs Racial Healing

"A bulletproof sign means nothing without justice for Emmett Till and his family. It means nothing if we don't use our circles of influence to help bring about racial healing."

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BRICE: Pick Up Elijah Cummings’ Torch

"It is we the living who are left behind that must stand in (Elijah Cummings') absence and speak for him. The road for a black man in America has been ...

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OPINION: Do Jacksonians Know Our Greatness?

"My hope is that everyday citizens and local and state government work harder together to make sure our capital city excels in the Southeast and beyond."

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Recovering Out Loud from Loss and Breast Cancer

"We must breathe through it all—the physical pain, anguish, stress, disappointment. We must just be present in our lives and accept and release whatever happens. Honestly, I can't imagine a ...

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OPINION: Give Public Education the Ballot this November, Mississippi

As legislators continue to undervalue public education and to systematically underfund the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, the legal formula that sets a baseline for school funding, districts have become separate ...

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OPINION: Americans Must Avoid Apathy, Buck Norms, Make Bold Decisions

The American people must realize that it is our right and our duty to demand a seat at the political table of power. It is our duty to call for ...

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OPINION: I Bleed Maroon, and I Call Foul on Ole Miss Chancellor Boondoggle

Public institutions like Ole Miss, and the bodies that oversee them, are by the very nature of their existence obligated to the people of the state to be as transparent ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Dehumanization Spreads Racism, Destroys Lives

Dehumanizing other human beings, as Trump does with about any person of color who dares criticize him, is ripping our country apart, just like it did during the Civil Rights ...

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OPINION: Parenting in the Age of School Shootings

I picked my 8-year-old up from school on Tuesday afternoon to schlep her to her weekly dance lesson. In the car, I began the standard line of questioning: how was ...

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OPINION: Climate Change Threatens Mississippi, Demands Action in Jackson

"Climate change is real. It is human-made and poses an existential threat to our planet."

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jackson Lessons Learned As I Say Goodbye

"As of this publication, I must say my goodbye as I leave to start a new job at Teen Health Mississippi. Thank you, Jackson. And thanks to all of my ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Press Still Rolls as the JFP Enters Our 18th Year

This issue we celebrate moving into our 18th year of publishing as a voice for Jacksonians who want to see progress in the capital city and the Magnolia State. It's ...

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OPINION: Use the Arts to Teach History, Math, More

With an arts-integrated curriculum, students have a newly found yearning for education. Such a curriculum is simple but profound—make school fun again. The result is quality education, teaching through art ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Media: Horse-Race Election Reporting Signifies Nothing

It is vital to stop treating elections like a fun, two-sided thrill ride, which (usually male) political reporters and campaign strategists love—and they're getting paid either way, even if your ...

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OPINION: Has the Heart of America Changed? Justice for Emmett Louis Till Now.

"As the U.S. Department of Justice investigates Emmett Till's murder and Carolyn Bryant Donham's confession, we must do everything in our power to make our voices known and demand that ...

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OPINION: Abandon Political Labels and Work Together

Either way that you lean, when it comes to politics, there is much bickering and fighting that I personally believe is unnecessary, similar to two young siblings fighting over who ...

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OPINION: Put Your Thoughts and Prayers Into Common-Sense Gun Legislation

Many lawmakers in this country on the local, state and federal levels have been slow to speak about guns. Even though there have been many mass shootings in the U.S., ...

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OPINION: Partners Needed to Fight Homelessness

"You or your organization could be part of helping to end homelessness in the Jackson metro area. But we need you at the table. As with all ambitious endeavors, we ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Finding Belonging Amid ICE Raids and Hatefulness

"Amid the horrible news that kept breaking around the ICE raids, there was some hope, as always. Yes, there was a lot of deserved condemnation of what was happening, but ...

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OPINION—ICE: You're Not Welcome in the South

"I'm not safer because my government has decided its top priority is to tear families apart for the sole purpose of stoking racial division. I'm not safer because my elected ...