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DOSSIER: Shanda Yates' Win in Mississippi Inspires Voters, Teaches Lessons

If the last week has proved anything, it's that people in the U.S., in Mississippi and especially in the Jackson metropolitan area are excited about a political newcomer, Shanda Yates, ...

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OPINION: Caution; Numbers in Presidential Polls Don't Count, Yet

President Donald Trump's approval ratings are in the basement, and he could be impeached. But with about a year to go until Election Day 2020, it's too early to write ...

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OPINION: Kentucky, Virginia and Louisiana Voted for Change; Mississippi Still Has Work to Do

"While the rest of the country is erupting in action by using the power of the vote to elect more progressive officials, it seems apathy has gripped a large portion ...

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DOSSIER: From Bashing 'Boys of Spring' to Unpacking a Mississippi-Brexit Love Affair

"TV networks may live and die on ratings and people screaming opinions at each other from two "sides," but our democracy really can't take much more of this kind of ...

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OPINION: Women in Mississippi—So Strong and So Tough

"Over the 25 years that we have lived in Mississippi, we have taken quite a ribbing. Whenever we told them of our children's successes, they always scoffed and said 'but ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Mississippi Women, It’s Your Time to Speak Up, Lead

Election season was tough for Mississippi women as usual. It was a time for broken promises and slights as we watched male candidates, and their women enablers, show little apparent ...

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OPINION: It's Not Easy Being a White Democrat in Mississippi

"There is never a perfect, seamless match between a political party and its people. But I think the Democratic Party in Mississippi can do a lot better."

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OPINION: Running While Black—Dem AG Nominee Reveals Privilege, Ghosts Faced in Race

I boxed the glaring ghost of a broken and unsupportive party structure. I guess I am not supposed to say that out loud, but we might as well tell the ...

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DOSSIER: Of Corporate Media and Insulting Shenanigans

What a week. The last 10 days saw not only the official demise of the Mississippi Democratic Party, at least the way it's run and strategized now, but it was ...

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OPINION: Cowards Never Win—Mississippi Democrats Lose from Lack of Courage

It is time to tell the plain, unvarnished truth about Mississippi politics. We have wasted too much time being dishonest with ourselves and others. We have coddled one another, whined ...

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Mississippi Democratic Party Needs to Overhaul Strategies, Outreach, Diversity

Prominent novelist Angie Thomas is planning to leave Mississippi due to the toxic politics here, on prominent display in last night’s election outcome. The wildly successful graduate of Belhaven College ...

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OPINION: City of Jackson Leading on Goals to Reduce Carbon Emissions

The City of Jackson is working on a comprehensive action leading to the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality. Mayor Lumumba was one of the major supporters and a signatory of ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Stepping into a Mentor's Shoes, Hoping They Fit

"As future-oriented as I am, I understood early on that I needed to work really hard in school to help me achieve my goal. ... I continue to learn my ...

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OPINION: My Abuser Apologized, and I Forgave Him

A few years ago, I wrote a column evaluating my emotions for never receiving an apology or even an acknowledgement from my abuser for basically hurting me and demolishing my ...

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OPINION: Tate Reeves Is Always Right. Ask Him.

"If Reeves had been a European king, he's the type who would have inspired a revolution as soon as he put on the crown. He might be inspiring a revolution ...

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OPINION: Mississippi Needs to Make It Easier to Vote; For Now, It's Up to Us

State legislators and the Secretaries of State past and present have decided Mississippi needs a full month to process voter registrations. Such an early registration deadline is not the norm ...

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OPINION: Confederate Monuments and White Victimhood

"I think that when white Confederate sympathizers demand that we honor their dead, they ignobly play the victims twice over."

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OPINION: Till's Memorial May Be Bulletproof, but America Still Needs Racial Healing

"A bulletproof sign means nothing without justice for Emmett Till and his family. It means nothing if we don't use our circles of influence to help bring about racial healing."

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BRICE: Pick Up Elijah Cummings’ Torch

"It is we the living who are left behind that must stand in (Elijah Cummings') absence and speak for him. The road for a black man in America has been ...

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OPINION: Do Jacksonians Know Our Greatness?

"My hope is that everyday citizens and local and state government work harder together to make sure our capital city excels in the Southeast and beyond."