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Not Fear, But Love: Cancelling Holidays in the Year of COVID-19

"How are you going to tell the grandkids?" This was the question that convinced George Long to cancel his Thanksgiving plans. This was the question that convinced him to wear a mask, to minimize his social life for the duration ...

City & County

Public Works Director Williams: City’s Infrastructure Problems Won’t End Soon

In a recent interview with the Jackson Free Press, Jackson public works director Charles Williams explained the department's problems and his plans to move the needle on Jackson's infrastructural challenges.


Gwen Wilks

When Gwen Wilks saw an advertisement for a position at the Mississippi Museum of Art that suggested she would "learn about herbs and fresh vegetables," she assumed the position would include working in the community garden.


PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Gov. Reeves, Denial Ain’t a River in Mississippi

"Gov. Tate Reeves has done precisely the wrong things to quell this virus. He could have led his party and supporters in Mississippi instead of sheepishly kowtowing to the extremists."

Chicks We Love

Chicks We Love 2020

This year's Chicks We Love package showcases a number of influential women who do their part to bolster the city that we call home.