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Harris, Hicks for Hinds County Court Judge Election

After Melvin Priester, Sr. resigned on June 3, 2020, as Subdistrict 1 Hinds County Court Judge, the Mississippi Supreme Court appointed Carlyn Hicks in his place. In the election to fill the position scheduled for Nov. 2, Attorney Greta Mack ...


CAPE Publications, Meals That Heal and The Village at Livingston

Husband and wife Yasmin Gabriel and Eric Collins opened Meals That Heal together with their friend Detrice Roberts and chose Aug. 29 as the opening day because it coincides with the Haitian Revolution, a successful insurrection by self-liberated slaves against ...


Analysis: Judges Can't Order Attorney General to Take Cases

In a unanimous ruling Tuesday, Mississippi Supreme Court justices said a circuit court “acted outside its authority” this year when it ordered Attorney General Lynn Fitch's office to investigate a death after a district attorney recused herself.


Mississippi Legislators Revising Medical Marijuana Proposal

Mississippi lawmakers are tweaking a proposal to create a medical marijuana program, but Republican Gov. Tate Reeves has not said when he will call a special session to put it into law. A new version of a bill would allow ...