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Exploring Alternate Worlds Within a Contemporary Space

There's no greater joy than falling into a piece of metafiction—fiction that is about fiction—with little to no pretense. A consistently rising trend within literary fiction, these works tempt the veil of reality, testing the boundary of allegorical allusion.
  Jan. 8

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Seth Power: 'Souvenir'

Growing up, Seth Power found himself locked away in his room for several hours a day, writing songs with his new recording software. The only force that could push Power into emerging from his music lair was sports, as he ...
  Jan. 10

Life+Style Fly!Style Body+Soul Good Hitched Home & Garden

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Five Tips for Leading a Healthier Life this New Year

I asked friends of mine who are professional fitness trainers, sports coaches and nutritionists to give me some tips, and now I am sharing an assortment of their recommendations to you.
  Jan. 8

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Biz Roundup

The Dapper Doughnut, The Lost Cajun and La Brioche Renovations

Gabe Jackson, a Liberty, Miss., native and a guard for the Oakland Raiders football team, opened the first Mississippi location of The Dapper Doughnut, a Las Vegas-based donut franchise with 21 locations, together with his wife Eryn Jackson in Flowood ...
  Jan. 7

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Person of the Day

Mike Leach

New Mississippi State University head coach Mike Leach will certainly be a fun one to watch during press conferences. Leach has been known to discuss topics such as vikings versus pirates, his hope that there is a bigfoot, and his ...
  Jan. 16


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Person of the Day

Catherine Young

Crystal Springs native Catherine Young has served as senior vice president of the Memphis-Mid South Mississippi branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a national breast cancer advocacy organization, since 2018.
  Jan. 21