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About the JFP, Our Staff and Contributors

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About the JFP

The Jackson Free Press is published by Jackson Free Press, Inc., a Mississippi corporation. Jackson Free Press magazine is published bi-weekly and distributed in Hinds, Rankin, Madison and Warren counties; JFP.ms offers daily news and entertainment coverage online. The JFP Daily (www.jfpdaily.com) is a five-days-per-week newsletter of our latest headlines. Join the JFP VIP club to support local journalism and for print subscription options.


Editor-in-Chief and CEO: Donna Ladd - ext 15
JFP Editor, CEO and co-founder Donna Ladd is a graduate of Mississippi State and Columbia j-school. As a huge Dak Prescott fan, she is adjusting to her new allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys.

Publisher and President: Todd Stauffer - ext 17
Todd Stauffer is the co-founder and publisher of the Jackson Free Press, as well as principal in JFP Digital Services. Need a new website or a content marketing strategy? Give him a call.

Associate Publisher: Kimberly Griffin - ext 11
Associate Publisher Kimberly Griffin is a Jackson native who loves Jesus, her mama, cooking, traveling, the Callaway Chargers, chocolate, her godson, working out, Mississippi University for Women and locally owned restaurants, not necessarily in that order.

Creative Director: Kristin Brenemen
Creative Director Kristin Brenemen is a meganekko with a penchant for dystopianism. She’s recovering from two intense months of sewing and leatherwork, and already wants to do more.

City Reporter: Kayode Crown
City Reporter Kayode Crown recently came to Mississippi from Nigeria where he earned a post-graduate diploma in Journalism and was a journalist for 10 years. He likes rock music and has fallen in love with the beautiful landscapes in Jackson.

State Reporter: Nick Judin
Nick Judin grew up in Jackson and graduated from the University of Mississippi. His current focus is on Mississippi's state institutions of higher education.

Web Editor: Dustin Cardon
Web Editor Dustin Cardon is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi. He enjoys reading fantasy novels and wants to write them himself one day.

Deputy Editor: Nate Schumann
Nate Schumann, a graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi, loves consuming stories, whether that story be in the form of a book, a comic, a television series, a game, a radio serial, etc. He enjoys engaging in various areas of "nerdom," especially comic books and related media.

Editorial Assistant: Azia Wiggins
Editorial Assistant Azia Wiggins is a proud “Jacksonian Ju” with an extensive science background, but she’s a God-fearing, carefree songbird at heart. She loves owls, Skittles, learning new things and growing relationships with amazing new people.

Consulting Editor: JoAnne Prichard Morris
JoAnne Prichard Morris is an editor and writer. She is co-author, with Unita Blackwell, of “Barefootin’: Life Lessons from the Road to Freedom” and lives in Belhaven with her cats.

Senior Designer: Zilpha Young
Zilpha Young is an ad designer by day, painter, illustrator, seamstress and freelance designer by night. Check out her design portfolio at zilphacreates.com.

Social Media Assistant: Robin Johnson
Social Media Assistant Robin Martéa Johnson is a visual artist who was born and raised in Mobile, Ala. She has developed a strong foundation in mediums ranging from painting to photography. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Sports Contributing Editor: Bryan Flynn
Bryan Flynn is a life-long Mississippian and current Jackson resident. He is a husband and stay at home father to a baby girl. He constantly wonders, if it didn't happen on ESPN or Disney Jr. did it really happen?

Events Assistant: Leslyn Smith