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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Joy and Pain of Fighting for U.S. Democracy

Donald Trump is just one man. The real threat is the terrifying number of Americans who dote on him no matter what he does. His supporters are often described as ...

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OPINION: Where the Real Blood Money Lies in Fight Against Initiative 65

"The truth is that the real blood money in the marijuana fight comes from political contributions from large pharmaceutical companies, ones that have a vested interest in limiting the ability ...

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OPINION: The Man Behind Mississippi’s Failing ‘Moocher’ Economy

Mississippi's economy is sinking. We are among the worst in about everything, and we are dependent on money from taxpayers in other states. Gov. Tate Reeves is responsible for the ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Learning to Roar in Mississippi from Anne, Hazel and Fannie Lou

Mississippi has long had women warriors who don't flinch at attempts to make them shut our little mouths, who stare back, who write scathing columns, who get the hell beaten ...

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OPINION: What Will Election Day Look Like in Mississippi on Nov. 3? Prepare Now

Absentee voting is underway now. Because state law prohibits most Mississippians from voting early or by mail, long lines at crowded polling places are likely on Election Day. It didn't ...

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: A Mask Mandate is Support for Small Business

We've heard it over and over again. Masks are the best defense against the spread of the virus. They're about helping other people as much as about helping yourself, especially ...

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OPINION: The Case for Medicinal Marijuana in Mississippi

"To my surprise, former Gov. Phil Bryant is boldly making false claims about Initiative 65, on the ballot in November to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi if it passes. I ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: As You Vote, Recall the Blackjacks Hitting Mrs. Hamer’s Back

"(Fannie Lou Hamer) came up in a Mississippi where white leaders, including former Confederate generals immortalized as heroes, had worked diligently in the years before her birth to make sure ...

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OPINION: Mayor Lumumba’s Support of Police State, Incarceration Not In Dispute

"Despite many promises and assertions that alternatives to policing are needed, the mayor continues to tout his record of providing JPD with more surveillance gadgets, weaponry, more officers and fleets ...

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OPINION: We Must Vote Like Our Lives Depend On It—Because They Do

"I don't understand why people would even consider the thought of not voting, but I believe it's a very dangerous train of thought for anyone to perpetuate."

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The Secret to JFP’s Longevity? You Just Don’t Quit

The truth is, running a media company is always tough when your primary goal is to tell the truth—and not just please or appease the powerful.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: No More ‘Lynching Logic’ to Excuse Brutality Against Black People

"The most common excuse we hear is (Jacob) Blake was wanted for a sexual-assault warrant. So, all of us should be outraged enough to think it was just fine for ...

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OPINION: How Much is a Human Life Worth?

Every day the media report the number of new infections and deaths attributed to COVID-19, and many debate the closing or opening of schools, businesses and places of worship.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Gov. Reeves, Stop the Insanity

Gov. Reeves knew the threat to Mississippi hospitals when he implemented one of the most liberal reopening plans of any U.S. state in late May. As with Florida and Texas, ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Rage and Grace Amid COVID-19

In Mississippi, will it take bodies piled up on North State Street outside of UMMC before we all stand hand-in-hand, unafraid to collectively unite and govern ourselves?

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OPINION: John Lewis, Charles Evers, C.T. Vivian: Fighters and Heroes for their People

It is with distinct sadness and difficulty that I write this column in memory of Congressman John Lewis, Mayor Charles Evers and Rev. C.T. Vivian. It's hard to condense my ...

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OPINION: John Robert Lewis, ‘A Soul Giant’ Who Touched Mississippi and Me

"One of the best ways to remember John (Lewis) is to look and listen to the young voices who are speaking out today for human and civil rights. John often ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Life in the Shadows of Neshoba County’s Confederate Statue

As a Neshoba County kid, I grew up in the shadows of the Confederate statue that loomed in front of the courthouse.

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OPINION: Blackness and Whiteness, To Whom the Story of America Concerns

James Baldwin said "the story of the in America is the story of America. It is not a pretty story." This ugly, brutal, and festering story is the truth that ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Tate Reeves Needs to Stop Making Excuses, Start Leading

"Gov. Tate Reeves is spinning. He is grasping at any straw he thinks can divert attention away from his abysmal leadership during the COVID-19 crisis in Mississippi."