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OPINION: Teenagers, It’s OK to Feel Hurt By What We’ve Lost to COVID-19

"Too often, adults undermine and discredit the hurt feelings of my age group simply because we haven’t lived long enough or worked hard enough to afford to feel the way ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Gov. Tate Reeves Has Failed the COVID-19 Leadership Test

Tate Reeves’ leadership logic says it’s OK to endanger people’s lives to keep churches and guns stores open using a constitutional excuse, but then ignore constitutional precedent on a procedure ...

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OPINION: Abortion is Essential, Especially Now During COVID-19 Crisis

In a disingenuous move, politicians in Mississippi and several other southern states have sought to classify abortion as “non-essential,” attempting to make access difficult if not impossible.

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OPINION: Governor, Rescind ‘Confederate Heritage’ Proclamation, Focus on Racial Healing

As many Mississippians are faced with the coronavirus in every county but two as of today, the Mississippi Sons of Confederate Veterans released a proclamation signed by Gov. Tates naming ...

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OPINION: Suspending Housing Costs is a Moral and Economic Imperative

University of Mississippi sociology professor and columnist James M. Thomas writes that Gov. Tate Reeves should do far more to help allay housing costs as workers are forced to stay ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A Silver Lining to the COVID-19 Crisis

"Be present in your feelings right now and take time to look within and unpack when you’re ready. It’s perfectly OK to slow down and not give into the perpetual ...

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OPINION: Amid COVID-19 Crisis, U.S. Must Heal All the Wounds that Got Us Here

As the U.S. reels from the effects of COVID-19, we are faced with a stark reality: We were desperately and woefully unprepared for a crisis.

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MABUS: Gov. Reeves Must Immediately Invoke Statewide Shelter-in-Place Order

COVID19 is not a hoax. It doesn’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican or if you live in China or Italy or Mississippi.

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EDITORIAL: Gov. Reeves Needs to Take ‘Essential’ Seriously for COVID-19 Social Distancing

What (Gov. Tate) Reeves still has not done, is follow the lead of states near and far by truly ordering only essential businesses and services to remain open. What Reeves ...

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OPINION: Message from a COVID-19 Reporter: We Need Patience, Discipline, Fortitude

Jackson Free Press reporter Nick Judin, who is reporting the seriousness of the growing coronavirus epidemic, warns to not take this moment in history for granted.

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OPINION: Black People: Vote Like Our Lives Depend on It

"It doesn't require well-rehearsed promises and clever slogans to increase African American voting. The reality is the unfortunate truth that we should vote because our lives depend on it."

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Flatten The Curve, Think Local in Wake of COVID-19

The Jackson Free Press team has done its damnedest to bring you the latest news on COVID-19 as it breaks here in the Jackson and throughout the state, as well ...

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EDITOR'S LETTER: Keep Calm, Stay Safe and Flatten the Curve

"Flattening the curve" matters. We can all help limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in our own communities by social distancing, avoiding groups and staying home as much as ...

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OPINION: Sycophantic Dem Establishment Aligning Against Bernie Sanders

University of Mississippi professor Joe Atkins, a Bernie Sanders supporter, argues that the Democratic "establishment" is working against the Vermont senator's chance at the presidency.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Challenges of a Baby-Faced Editor

"Instead of burdening myself with unnecessary, self-imposed concerns that weigh me down, I have come to better realize that I should have more confidence in myself and more faith in ...

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OPINION: Stop Talking About Corruption: The Nature of Ethnic Patronage Politics

"Corruption implies dishonesty, sleaze and fraud. Historically, such corruption has taken the form of kickbacks and favoritism to supporters of electoral campaigns. ... Is Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba's regime thus ...

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OPINION: Reckoning the Right Leader for Jackson State University

"I have no interest in being considered as the next president at Jackson State, but I do have some constructive suggestions and formative recommendations for the Jacksonians who will hopefully ...

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OPINION: Trump Presidency Shows 'Whiteness' Protects 'Whiteness' at All Costs

"What we are witnessing now is the rise and solidification of an authoritarian president in the U.S. who has no respect for the fundamental values that the American Constitution holds ...

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OPINION: Hindsight 2020: Jackson Flooding and 40 years of Failed Solutions

"The flooding of the Pearl River in early 2020 has led to high water moving into neighborhoods and businesses, while many simultaneously want a 'flood control' plan for Jackson. These ...

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OPINION: Exceptional White Men, It’s Time for a Reckoning

Donald J. Trump's impeachment acquittal was a victory for white male mediocrity. The majority of the 69 white men in the U.S. Senate, engaged in a succession of choices that ...