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OPINION: Enough. Remove Symbol of Confederacy from the Mississippi Flag Now.

The state flag of Mississippi needs to have the symbol of the Confederacy removed today. Not after a vote, not after three months of deliberation, not after a committee does ...

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OPINION: From Curfew to SWAT Team, Mayor Lumumba’s Police State Expanding

Suggesting he is against the governor’s hasty reopening of the economy and in response to the COVID-19 virus, while jabbering about “science and data,” the mayor says “we” don’t have ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Dear Dr. Dobbs, Mississippi Needs Precise COVID-19 Data

It’s often been a slog to get good and relevant information about the spread of the coronavirus that isn’t either confusing or incomplete, or what we get may combine apples ...

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OPINION: Watson’s Voting Views: Dressing Jim Crow Up in New Clothes

"In the shadow of Mississippi’s incredibly fraught history with voting, (Mississippi Secretary of State Michael) Watson rails against the bogeyman of potential voter fraud with the clear intent to keep ...

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OPINION: Mayor Lumumba Remains Silent on Predatory Culture of Jackson Police

Recently, at a press conference Mayor Chokwe Lumumba said that none of the “outside agitators” who opposed the disarming of Jackson’s overwhelming black population cared enough about the issue of ...

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OPINION: Virologist on Vital COVID-19 Safety Changes, from Toothbrushes to Nose-Picking

Dr. Cedric O. Buckley, a virologist working with Jackson Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba, warns that the way we usually store our toothbrushes could result in COVID-19 infection.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: We’re All Living in Tate Reeves’ Pottery Barn Now

As Gov. Tate Reeves learned this past week, the most powerful public office in Mississippi isn't actually that of governor.

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OPINION: Sick and Tired: What It Feels Like to Be Black in America

Columnist Duvalier Malone writes that well-intentioned white people must “step outside the bubble of your white privilege” to make a real difference for black Americans’ equality and safety.

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OPINION: In 50 Years from Gibbs-Green Deaths to Ahmaud Arbery Killing, White Supremacy Still Lives

Informed by the modern civil rights and Black Power movements, Jackson State University students organized in the 1960s to protest persistent white supremacy in the state and on their campus. ...

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OPINION: COVID-19 Recovery Plan Needs Bipartisan Oversight, Lessons from Katrina

Mississippi is at a crossroads on our recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Our Legislature must be involved to ensure more balanced priorities and better financial accountability in the use of ...

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OPINION: Mayor Lumumba Attempts to Disarm ‘Our People’ in Jackson, Literally and Figuratively

"During his tenure as mayor, Lumumba has presided over police killing and maiming of black toilers and has strengthened police’s capacity to brutalize and subjugate."

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OPINION: Face It, White America: Mississippi Is Not Exceptional on Racism

Delineating Mississippi as an exceptional site of racism and hatred the (Confederate) flag represents remains a common rhetorical gesture with an extensive cultural history.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: ‘Essential’ Truths: Gov. Reeves Is Failing Many Mississippians

There is no such thing as a 'nonessential' Mississippian." When I saw Gov. Tate Reeves' tweet that on April 23, I stared at my screen. As a native Mississippian, I ...

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MABUS: Moral Failure: The Incredible Cruelty of Refusing to Expand Medicaid

COVID-19 is far more deadly in minority, poor and rural communities, and some of that disparity was avoidable. By failing to expand Medicaid, states like Mississippi left millions with no ...

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OPINION: Teenagers, It’s OK to Feel Hurt By What We’ve Lost to COVID-19

"Too often, adults undermine and discredit the hurt feelings of my age group simply because we haven’t lived long enough or worked hard enough to afford to feel the way ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Gov. Tate Reeves Has Failed the COVID-19 Leadership Test

Tate Reeves’ leadership logic says it’s OK to endanger people’s lives to keep churches and guns stores open using a constitutional excuse, but then ignore constitutional precedent on a procedure ...

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OPINION: Abortion is Essential, Especially Now During COVID-19 Crisis

In a disingenuous move, politicians in Mississippi and several other southern states have sought to classify abortion as “non-essential,” attempting to make access difficult if not impossible.

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OPINION: Governor, Rescind ‘Confederate Heritage’ Proclamation, Focus on Racial Healing

As many Mississippians are faced with the coronavirus in every county but two as of today, the Mississippi Sons of Confederate Veterans released a proclamation signed by Gov. Tates naming ...

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OPINION: Suspending Housing Costs is a Moral and Economic Imperative

University of Mississippi sociology professor and columnist James M. Thomas writes that Gov. Tate Reeves should do far more to help allay housing costs as workers are forced to stay ...

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EDITOR'S NOTE: A Silver Lining to the COVID-19 Crisis

"Be present in your feelings right now and take time to look within and unpack when you’re ready. It’s perfectly OK to slow down and not give into the perpetual ...