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Robert Rushton

Experience and a passion for cooking has helped Robert Rushton get an executive position in his field. Beginning with a summer job, he ascended the restaurant kitchen ladder and is ...

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Seeing ‘Red’

On the second day of rehearsal for "Red," John Logan's Tony Award-winning play about modern artist Mark Rothko, energies at New Stage Theatre are high.

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Evolving a Vocabulary

At Belhaven University's Bitsy Irby Gallery, Samara Thomas, who goes by Sam, seems at home among the photographs and objects on display.

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Revolutionary Pizza and Sweets

Revolution's Corner is a downtown destination that's living up to its name. Located in a sunny storefront at the intersection of Roach and Pearl streets, the corner bodega with cafe ...

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Virginia Reeves: Of Home and History

Virginia Reeves may be from Montana, but she has long had a feel for southern stories.

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Fenian’s Overhauls Menu

The food and drink offerings at Fenian's Pub have changed in recent months, since new head chef and general manager Ryan Cassell overhauled and upgraded the menu.

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Lecile Harris

What inspires a young man to climb on the back of an ill-tempered, 1,500-pound Brahman bull? For veteran rodeo clown Lecile Harris, it was watching the bull riders at an ...

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Retro Pop Shop

Brick Street Pops, which is at the intersection of Monroe and West Leake streets in Clinton, is reminiscent of an ice cream parlor without ice cream.

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Practice, Kindness and a Potato in Tibet

Pilgrimage, from the Tibetan Buddhist point of view, is supposed to be challenging. Enduring physical pain during it is considered a form of purification.

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The Most Soulful Night of the Year

On the night after Christmas when all the kids are happy and playing with their new toys, adults can have a fun night out in the form of Soulabration 2015, ...

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Master and Apprentice: Sustaining A Tradition

A chef will battle a former trainee in a culinary showdown, and folk-art apprentices and masters' works will be on display side by side at the Mississippi Museum of Art's ...

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TAUK: Beyond the Genre

New York-based instrumental band TAUK bridges gaps, whether in generations or genre.

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Sunjai Williams

Clinton High School senior Sunjai Williams lives her life beyond the expectations of most 18-year-olds.

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Eyes on Bill Minor

If we measured marathons in years instead of miles, journalist Wilson "Bill" Minor would be 10 years away from completing his third reporting marathon in Mississippi.

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Power Bluegrass

Since Nashville-based folk band Della Mae started writing and performing original music in 2009, the quintet has become a woman-powered force to be reckoned with.

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Reviving the Urban Wall

A flock of rainbow-colored birds suddenly appears on the left side of the street when you round the bend on East Amite Street, heading toward the intersection of West Capitol ...

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Lucero: Band of Brothers

After 17 years of playing and staying together, the members of Lucero are family. Cranking out albums and touring hard throughout their tenure, they've diversified their sound and grown an ...

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The Apache Relay: Charmed Elixir

The Apache Relay is bringing its charmed elixir of Americana, folk and alternative-rock, swirled into the three-minute pop-song format, back to American soil.

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Origin of Cotton: Basquiat and the South

A painting is probably by Jean-Michel Basquiat if a single figure or a large head dominates a painting's canvas and is surrounded by smaller drawings of body parts and other ...

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Motopony’s Metaphysical Music

Forming the best possible band can be an arduous process, and it was no different for Motopony. The Seattle-based indie band, fronted by singer-songwriter Daniel Blue, has cycled through about ...

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‘Twanging-Out’ with Young Valley

Jackson is already home to a vast stable of genre-defying original music, but in the last few months, Young Valley has emerged as the new band on the block.

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Soul in the Machine

Schooled on the west side of Chicago, DJ Rob "Scrap Dirty" Nichols was one of a few college-aged DJs who brought house music to Jackson in the early '90s.

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Furthering the Athens Four-Piece

Athens, Ga., has incubated plenty of important musical acts in the last 40 years. With Pylon and REM as vanguards, the city proved to be especially fertile ground for stripped-down ...

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Jj Thames: Quarters to Kudos and the Blues in Between

Jj Thames has literally and metaphorically come a long way in the last few years. From busking in New York City subway tunnels in 2008 to having the No. 1 ...

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A Canon, If You Please

RJ La Canon, brewed by Les Brasseurs RJ in Montreal, Canada, is a German Doppelboch (double boch) that is heavy on the malt and light on bitters with a heavenly ...

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Revivalists in the City of Sound

With the birthplace of jazz and blues as proving ground, a band can come up fast. If it's anything like The Revivalists, it'll get its chops down in NOLA, then ...

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Shakey Graves' Found Songs

Singer, songwriter and actor Alejandro Rose-Garcia gives life to Shakey Graves, which walks the thin line between being a throwback in time and a pitch forward in the evolution of ...

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The Music of Stray At Home

Arkansas traveler and troubadour Adam Faucett has an evocative, nearly operatic voice that is well-suited to the deep, passionate lyrics he pens.

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Storied Songstress

If a great song tells a story, it naturally follows that a great singer would be skilled at the art of storytelling. Writer, English teacher and jazz vocalist Vanessa Rubin ...

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Meet The New South

On the front porch of his home in Hattiesburg, Drew Young invites musicians to join him to talk about and play music. His collaborator and former student, Paul West, directs ...

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Getting Schooled in GMOs

GMOs in the form of corn, soy, wheat and rice—the crops most affected by genome modification to make a plant more resistant to insects or poor growing conditions—are at the ...

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Jones' 'Beautiful Jim'

"Beautiful Jim" is an intimate documentary portrait of bisexual singer-songwriter and raconteur Jimbeau Hinson.

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The Light of Activists

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer. In celebration of the gains the SNCC made and in recognition of those who lost their lives, the Mississippi Museum of ...

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River Soul and Swamp Philosophy

Southern rock emerged as a genre in the early 1970s with the Allman Brothers Band owning the country-tinged sound, and Lynyrd Skynyrd celebrating heritage through its lyrics.

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Pat Metheny Brings Jazz to Jackson

Few jazz musicians' resumes can parallel that of fusion and post-bop guitarist Pat Metheny.

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Pearl’s Joyful Tatter

Tatting is a lace-making technique from the era of Jane Austen, candlelight and wire spectacles.

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A Decade of Jazz Artistry

The Mississippi Jazz Foundation began with a well-attended concert at Belhaven University's Center for Performing Arts.

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Kids and Parents Get FIT

A veteran gymnastics instructor and certified personal trainer, Lesley Dukes is one of several trainers involved in the FIT Program.

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Great Coffee Is a Cause

A Mississippi College alumnus with a degree in business administration, Paul Bonds studied where coffee came from, how it grew and who picked the beans. Through his research, he learned ...

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Black Sun School of Music

Black Sun, a collective formed in January 2013, includes Cassandra Wilson and the members of New York City trio Harriet Tubman—guitarist Brandon Ross, percussionist J. T. Lewis and bassist Melvin ...

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Art, Spoken Word and Justice Jam

Organizers are adding an art component to spoken-word poetry at Art, Poetry and Justice Slam on Oct. 26.

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Yarn, Hooks, Coffee and Tradition

Every second and fourth Monday of the month, long enough after lunch to be ready for a nice cup of afternoon coffee, a group of crafty women meet in Old ...

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Vermeer: Love and Leisure

Filmmaker Phil Grabsky’s newest exhibition film “Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure” allows viewers to see Vermeer—artist of “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” above—in a new way.

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Black Violin Bows Outside the Box

When school and orchestra rehearsals were over, Wilner "Wil B." Baptiste and Kevin "Kev Marcus" Sylvester would put away their sheet music and listen to Tupac, reggae or whatever was ...

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Acoustic Redneck Zydeco

Tommy Bryan Ledford is a stay-at-home dad and pre-school music teacher by day, and a seasoned, southern mash-up musician by night.

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A Door-Slamming Farce

What do two high-school teachers, a Crossfit trainer and a worker from Hederman Brothers Printing have in common? If you guessed they spend the evening pretending to be someone else, ...

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Watson vs. Sherlock: The ‘Last Case’ at Black Rose

Tucked away in the midst of warehouses and mixed-purpose structures on Black Street in downtown Brandon, the unassuming, one-story building numbered 103 has a curious history.

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Impermanent Art

The High Note Jam Series is the musical lovechild of two anchor arts organizations in downtown Jackson, namely the Greater Jackson Arts Council and the Mississippi Museum of Art.

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Literary Resonations

When English professor and poet Steve Kistulentz joined the Millsaps College faculty in 2009, he campaigned to formalize a visiting writers series.

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The Session: Mad Skills, Chill Jazz

Percussionist and Jackson native Darrian Douglas is a brilliant example of arts education in action.