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Kathleen M. Mitchell

Stories by Kathleen M.

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Adam Huttler

While completing his junior year, studying in London at the British American Drama Academy and finishing college at Sarah Lawrence College, Adam Huttler founded a company.

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Home Exhibit

I've wanted to build a gallery wall for years, but the stars hadn't aligned until now.

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Celebration and Remembrance

For the 11th year, Jewish Cinema Mississippi presents the best films of the year to explore Jewish culture. Out of 60 films screened, the selection committee chose four to bring ...

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Community Collaboration and Creation

When Scott Allen was a kid, his parents let him draw and paint on a stretch of wall in his home. These days, Allen, 33, is still painting on walls, ...

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Band of the Day: Sun Ballet

Sun Ballet kicks off what the band hopes is its biggest year yet with its first performance of 2013 at Hal & Mal's Saturday.

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Eclectic Collection

In a modern-looking building of ash and concrete and glass, tucked away in the woods off Interstate 55’s Frontage Road, you can find two things: a lot of books and ...

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The Wedding Ordeal

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but women can get a little worked up over weddings. In fact, I don't know if there is anything that turns sane women into ...

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Running the Blues

This weekend, thousands of marathoners will descend on Jackson with blues in their head, heart and step for the Mississippi Blues Marathon.

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Poppin’ Bubbly

We sat down for a blind taste test with a panel of seven bubbly enthusiasts from the JFP staff to determine whether or not expensive champagne is really worth the ...

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Ring In 2013: Events for New Year's Eve in 2012

Don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve? Start 2013 off with a bang by eating good food, sipping fancy drinks and enjoying local music.

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Christmas Around the World

As Americans are sitting down to ham or roast beast (or perhaps even tofurkey) this Christmas, people around the world will enjoy a wide assortment of traditional holiday meals.

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For The Host/Hostess

Everyone has that friend who just loves to entertain—whether its grilling up burgers in the backyard, cooking a full sit-down meal or just pouring a wicked cocktail or two.

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Salongo Lee

As a photographer, visual artist, poet and bookmaker, Salongo Lee represents an intersection of new and old artistry.

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Library Lounge

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the library. As soon as I was old enough, I got my library card, and trips to check out books became a ...

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Rebecca Floyd

Rebecca Floyd got her first guide dog in 1964.

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Celia Barrett

Celia Barrett is combining New York style with Mississippi grace, one renovation at a time.

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Wrap it Up

It doesn’t take much extra time (or money!) to take your stack o’ presents from so-so to whoa!

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Rhonda Blasingame

Rhonda Blasingame got her first sewing machine when she was 8 and began sewing clothing.

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In the Name of Being 'Right'

Like it or not, we live in a society now where it's becoming harder and harder for people of opposite beliefs to coexist peacefully, particularly in the somewhat distanced atmosphere ...

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Culinary Star Heads to City Grocery

Jesse Houston is bringing fresh ideas to an iconic Mississippi eatery, City Grocery in Oxford.

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American Idiot

When Davy Rothbart applied for a job at National Public Radio’s “This American Life” radio program, he was honest about his previous job experience: pizza delivery guy, ticket scalper, marijuana ...

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Project 12

With craft beer popping up all over the country, Budweiser asked 12 of their brewmasters from all over the U.S. to create a new beer that would fit into the ...

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Top it Off

Hats have long been about more than just protecting your head, and nobody knows that more than the women behind the Holiday Top Hat Brunch.

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Find Your Perfect Party

The holidays are the perfect time to get together with friends and family and just celebrate.

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A Lost Art

In an age where couples invite guests to their wedding via Facebook events, the physical invitation has just about gone the way of the dinosaur.

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Nice ‘Nog

When it comes to eggnog, people don’t tend to straddle the fence.

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The Spirit of Giving

The holidays are all about giving and showing appreciation for one another, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to show that you care.

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Chefs Trade Hair for Turkeys

Three local chefs and restaurateurs, two sets of shears and one bet amounted to $800 and a whole lot of turkey over the weekend.

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Animal of the Day: Shelter Cats

The cat's out of the bag at Community Animal Rescue & Adoption--and hopefully going to a new home this weekend.

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Haute (White) House

In terms of Barack Obama’s re-election, “four more years” means different things to different people.

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Natural Success

At her flagship store in Ridgeland, Amy Head provides one-on-one makeup consultations.

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Fighting for Beautiful

Why do so many women find it hard to believe they are beautiful?

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Dr. Younus Mirza

Dr. Younus Mirza, a visiting professor at Millsaps College, is giving a free lecture tonight on "al-Qaeda in Today's World," exploring the group's role in the current global state.


Top Brews

Local brewers brought their best to Jacktoberfest's craft beer competition this year.

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Artists by Artists

‘You know, this means something to me.’ I know these people, and I respect their work, and I bet other artists around the state have similar things in their collections ...

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Election Day Style

The country has debated, analyzed, parsed and picked at this election until we’re all way too blue (or red) in the face, but we’ve finally reached the end, and now ...

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Group of the Day: The Women's Fund of Mississippi

With women's issues taking center stage in much of this election season and the rhetoric surrounding them enough to make a female sick, it is nice to see women celebrating ...

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Wealth, Passion and the Journey

"It was born out of all of our imaginations, because there wasn’t a lot to reference."

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Not Just a Bar

Fenian’s Pub is getting serious in the kitchen, and they want you to know about it. The pub is throwing its first beer pairings dinner, a four-course meal dreamt up ...

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Creepy and Cool

Everyone seems to love Halloween, and no wonder—whether it’s candy, costumes or getting thoroughly creeped out, some aspect of the holiday is bound to appeal to each of us.

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Dark 'Daydream'

"I like writers who take huge risks, even if they are unsuccessful. I'd much rather read a book that has ambition than one that plays it safe."

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Street Style: Effortless Chic

Everybody has that one friend who, no matter the season or situation, is dressed perfectly and (seemingly, at least) effortlessly.

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This Month in Health

Early diagnosis is vital, as the two major factors that influence breast cancer survival are stage at diagnosis and age at diagnosis.

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On the Dotted Line

Fall is in the air, and it’s time to get festive.

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Home Sweet Studio

Drawing for me has so much to do with movement and sort of the kinetic connection to things.

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Jesse Houston and Parlor Market Part Ways

Monday was Jesse Houston's last night as chef de cuisine at Parlor Market.

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Meals on Wheels

A new eatery is gassed up and ready to go in Jackson—literally.

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Jesse Houston and Parlor Market Part Ways

Tonight is Jesse Houston's last night as Chef de Cuisine at Parlor Market.

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Group of the Day: Millsaps Feminists

Although still a relatively new group on campus, the Millsaps Feminists are making waves and sparking conversation.

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A Stylish Space

I’m a nerd, so when we moved back to Jackson, our books received the utmost care—they were meticulously packed, sealed and transported.