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Azia's Picks: NYE Edition

Like every year, 2019 has certainly been a ride full of ups and downs. The Capital City has much to offer if you are looking for a place to unwind ...

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Azia’s Picks 12-27-19

Good tidings fellow Jacksonians! I cannot believe this is the very last Friday of the decade. Christmas 2019 has been archived for the books and New Year’s Day 2020 is ...

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Azia's Picks 12-6-19

We just had Thanksgiving break, so this week after returning to work, time seemed to drag slowly at first, but hey, now it's Friday again! Gratefulness is the word for ...

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Azia's Picks 11-8-19

We finally made it to Friday, Jackson! I know it's been a long, tiresome work week full of deadlines, unwelcomed nuances, awkward office small talk, missed lunches and divisive conversations ...

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Fireworks, Friends and Local Events

Celebrate the Fourth of July with some local events.

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Celebrating with Local Cheer

This holiday season, make local events a part of your celebration.

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Fireworks and Festivities

Celebrate the Fourth of July this year with local businesses such as Campbell's Bakery, Nandy’s Candy and more.

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Anime Fest Checklist

The Mississippi Anime Festival, which takes place March 10 at the Mississippi Trade Mart, brings together vendors, special guests, artists, cosplayers and more under one roof to celebrate Japanese animation ...

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Spooky and Local

There's plenty of spooky Halloween events going on in the Jackson Metro this year. Here are just a few of them.

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The Sound of WellsFest

Over its 32-year run, WellsFest has become one of the city's most multifaceted events, offering activities for art enthusiasts, 5K fans, green-thumbed gardeners and good-old-fashioned food lovers.

CelticFest Mississippi

CelticFest Mississippi gives people a chance to both celebrate their heritage and learn about something ...