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Celebrating Cuban Culture

On Saturday, Oct. 15, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., the Latin-American Business Association, or LABA-Link, of Mississippi is hosting the state's fifth annual LatinFest at the Multipurpose Complex in ...

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Hispanic Teen Stabbed, Crime Down in Precinct 4

Central Mississippi has seen a spate of violent crime against the growing Hispanic and Latino community in recent months, notably the front-yard robbery and murder of Daniel Omar Gomez and ...

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JPD Escorts 'Champion,' Crime Up and Down, Depraved Heart' Killer Sentenced

Despite ongoing controversy over his role in Hinds County criminal case, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is bragging this week after several local court wins, including sending a Jackson man ...

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Beth Ann Fennelly: Why Poetry is Important

Mary Anna Malich, who lives in Chicago, and her daughter, Beth Ann Fennelly, a resident of Oxford, Miss., had recently driven into Jackson from Memphis. Then Malich sat on a ...

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JPD Honors William Winter; Fires Officer Who Propositioned Teen

Even though the Jackson Police Department learned it is facing a $2-million budget cut as the City wrestled with cutting its budget this week, 60 officers gathered with stoic professionalism ...

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Walls or Unity? GOTV for Mississippi Latinos Underway

Bill Chandler, the executive director of Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance in Jackson, says electing a president who is sympathetic to immigrants is the next step for families left in limbo ...

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Most Jackson Crime Down Except Precinct 4; Shooter Arrested; Latinos Targeted?

Overall, total major crimes (property and violent) have fallen 15.3 percent throughout Jackson in 2016 over the same period in 2015, but Precinct 4 has seen a 12.3-percent increase in ...

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Latin Flavors

Upbeat Latin music fills the dining area at El Sabor Latin Cuisine in Ridgeland. Once you open the restaurant's double-door entrance, you walk into a lofty, welcoming space adorned with ...

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No Sanctuary: A Rough, Undocumented Road

Melinda Medina was on a family road trip in summer 2014, returning from a Mobile, Ala., flea market near the Alabama and Mississippi state line when a patrol car suddenly ...

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Mohammad Alefrai

Three years ago, Mohammad Alefrai sat alone on a plane, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, on a nearly 13-hour flight from Jordan, leaving everything and everyone he knew behind to ...

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Videonauts Have Landed

Steven Pergande is the founder and CEO of Videonauts, a video projection-mapping company that transforms concert venue stages into 3-D psychedelic light shows.

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Makaila Faith Nixon

Every morning, Makaila Faith Nixon and her mom, Dee Bookert Nixon, start with stating their daily affirmations while looking at their reflection in the mirror.

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A Worker's Right to Safety: 'You Shouldn't Have to Die to Make a Living'

The Workers' Center reports that at least 60 to 100 workers are killed in Mississippi workplaces each year, with more than 11,000 workers injured.

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Madison Trump Rally Cost Taxpayers $11,565.44, Overtime to 235 Officers

Madison taxpayers paid at least $11,565.44 in security expenses for a March 7 political rally for Donald Trump, public-records requests have revealed.

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Athens, Ga., has given birth to countless iconic bands and recording artists, from R.E.M. to The B-52s. Its latest export, experimental indie-rock four-piece band Mothers, will be heading to Jackson ...

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Crimen Contra Los Latinos: Local Residents, Advocates Decry Violent Attacks

Nearly one month since Daniel Omar Gomez and Eli Nunez were shot and killed while grilling dinner with loved ones in their Westhaven Drive front yard, approximately 15 Latinos have ...