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Mother's Day: A Funny Thing Happened

I once read a quote that said, “You don’t need to take a big family outing to make a big family memory.” As a new mother again, I've been making ...

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To Mommy With Love

I have always been a pretty artsy-craftsy person. It came from my mom, who created her own art in frames by using old fabric and leftover wallpaper from her DIY ...

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Get to Know: Chinese Cabbage

For those looking to get more green vegetables, but sick of the same old thing, bok choy is a different variant on a familiar veggie.

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Greek Goodness

Mississippi Greek Weekend is a chance for Greek organizations to band together to raise money and awareness about sickle cell anemia.

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Long Necks, Slow Cooked

Making meals in a slow cooker is a life saver for busy working cooks.

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A Dog's Tale

Dr. Steven Ward of Ward Veterinary Clinic in El Dorado, Ark., said that it is true that the major ingredient listed on the dog-food label is the first ingredient in ...

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Pain in the Brain

If you suffer from chronic headaches, something in your diet may be the culprit.

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Linden Potts

Linden Potts has been in real estate for about six years. His father, who has been involved in real estate for over 25 years, and his background in economics and ...

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Annie Baker

Annie Baker, 40, has served as the director of community outreach for the Mississippi Institute for Improvement of Geographic Minority Health at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for the ...

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A Daughter's Bond

I took child development courses in high school, which led to a child-care certification upon graduating. Even before high school, I volunteered at the local Head Start.

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George J. Bey III

In junior high while other kids his age were more interested in basketball shoes, Dr. George J. Bey III was studying his teeth.

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A Beautiful Legacy

A’Lelia Bundles truly has a beautiful heritage.

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A Classic Combo

French fries and beer, what more could you want in the summer?


Kelly Engelmann

She's more than just a familiar face with a fancy job title; she's helping Mississippians heal and age gracefully. Kelly Engelmann, owner and family nurse practitioner at Enhanced Wellness in ...

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Say ‘No' to Slime

A few years back, I stopped eating ground beef. I did not like seeing the white fat and gristle, and the smell of the meat while cooking completely grossed me ...


Silky Soul Brotha

I was nearly 20 years old when I first heard a song by Eric Benét. I still remember singing to the tune of the popular duo song by Benét and ...

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The Nontraditional Wedding

Why settle for a traditional wedding if you desire to go outside the box? If you're a minimalist, nature lover or just plain spunky, incorporate distinctive elements to personalize your ...

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Exposed: Outdoor Nuptials

Do you want to be close to nature and incorporate trees, flowers, water or beautiful gazebos into your wedding ceremony or reception? Location, indoors or outdoors, makes all the difference. ...

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A New Spin in Town

Drew McKercher has played music since high school with about four different bands including Roosevelt Noise and Spacewolf. Spacewolf is his main and most recent band; he has played with ...


Mahmoud A. Manzoul

Mahmoud A. Manzoul always wanted to be a teacher. "When I came to the U.S., I went for my master's and Ph.D. so I could teach," he says.


Sweet Tartness

Vinegar is one product with multiple uses. It has benefits for the home (inside and out) and benefits for better health.


African American Art at MMA

Growing up in the 1940s in the South, Walter O. Evans never had the chance to visit museums or galleries because of racial divides in society. In 1978, however, Evans ...


Nirvana for Film Addicts

The 13th Annual Crossroads Film Fest is April 13 to 15 with events in Madison, Fondren and downtown Jackson. At the Malco Grandview Theater in Madison, movie buffs can view ...


Strong and Natural

In April 2010, I had my last chemical hair relaxer. "I have had it," I thought as I decided to go natural once and for all, and I made the ...

Cyclists of the Day: Jackson Bike Advocates

Tonight's Jackson Bike Advocates ride leader is Anna Allred, 24. She is originally from Meridian, Miss. She graduated from Meridian High School in 2005. She has lived in Jackson just ...

Person of the Day

Dr. Aaron Shirley

Blackburn Middle School will have a ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 3, at 6 p.m. They were recently chosen to receive federal grant money from the U.S. Department of Health ...

Person of the Day

Nettie Stowers

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this story, we spelled Nettie Stowers wrong. We apologize for the error.


Malcolm White

Malcolm White just won a top honor from the Mississippi Art Education Association for promoting visual arts in the state. White, executive director of the Mississippi Arts Commission, received the ...