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Johnson Says Data Prove Crime Dropped While Mayor

Verbatim from Harvey Johnson:


Mayor Harvey Johnson Jr.

JACKSON, Miss. (May 4, 2009) – Harvey Johnson, Jr. will attend The SafeCity Take a Tasty Bite Out of Crime event this evening at Highland Village. Johnson is committed to making Jackson safe for all citizens as a part of his vision for the City and has said that creating a Crime Victims Unit will be a central element of his plan to reduce crime. Johnson offers the following data to support his record as being the only candidate to actually deliver on his promise to reduce crime in Jackson.

Annual Murder Rate in Jackson, Mississippi by year. (Source: FBI
1995 – 92
1996 – 67
The data above is prior to Mayor Harvey Johnson's first term.
1997 – 61
1998 – 60
1999 – 45
2000 – 39
2001 – 50
2002 – 49
2003 – 45
2004 – 53
2005 – 38

Additionally, 2004 was the 2nd lowest year in terms of the number of major crimes reported (with 13,600 incidences) in the last 24 years. In 1986, the lowest number of major crimes reported – 12,600 – was recorded. As of August of 2003, 500 police officers were on the force and the City of Jackson had promoted 36 sergeants creating an 8 to 1 ratio for a span of control. Additionally, Citizens Police Academies were created and held as a part of Harvey Johnson's administration.
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Violent Crime


Murder Rate

Violent Crime Rate

Property Crime Rate

Speaking with citizens at a neighborhood meeting in south Jackson, Harvey Johnson told supporters, "I am committed to making Jackson safe for all citizens; creating a more transparent and accountable city government; creating cleaner neighborhoods with new and better housing opportunities; enhancing local revenue without increasing the burden on taxpayers; creating jobs for Jacksonians; improving programs and services for senior citizens; and promoting youth development.

Harvey Johnson, who served as Jackson's Mayor for eight years, added, "Through my experience both in and out of office I have learned what works and what doesn't. I know what it takes to make visible change, meaningful change for all of Jackson. I am the only candidate who has the experience, the integrity and the knowledge to get Jackson back on track!"

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Looks like a press release Mayor Johnson should have sent out years ago. He pledges to have a good communications team if re-elected. We will hold him to it.


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