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[Dickerson] Civil Rights Ain't Just History

Gov. Haley Barbour did the right thing by lobbying for a civil-rights museum.

[Dickerson] Dances with Panthers

Suddenly, the big cat began moving toward me, slowly at first, then faster...


[Dickerson] Finding Solutions

Growing up in the Delta, I learned that bullies were a dime a dozen.

[Dickerson] Long Live the ‘W'

When Gov. Haley Barbour came out in favor of merging Mississippi University for Women with Mississippi State University, I was ecstatic.


[Dickerson] Presidential Politics 101

A word of warning: If you don't want to know who's going to win the presidential election, don't read further.


[Dickerson] Shame on You, Hillary

The weekend after the Texas debate, I saw Hillary Clinton on television losing her cool over Barack Obama's criticism of her health-care plan. I don't think that I will ever ...

[Dickerson] A FedEx Christmas Story

Mackey Wright was on his way to Toys R Us on County Line Road, where he planned to shop for a Christmas present for his son, when he saw something ...

[Dickerson] Liberal or Conservative? The Home Test

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he asked me why Mississippians are always on the wrong side of every issue.

[Dickerson] Can You Handle the Truth?

For a long time, I wanted to ask President Bush why, if the Dixie Chicks knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he couldn't figure it out ...

[Dickerson] Who's Zooming Whom?

Earlier this month, President Bush signed into law revisions to the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It gives the Bush administration new power to screen your e-mails and listen in ...

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Tease photo Media

Farewell to a Newspaperwoman

When I entered the classroom at Millsaps College, where I teach a continuing education course for writers, there was a bright-eyed student seated at the table, notebook opened and ready. ...


With Friends Like This

When I read the subtitle of this book—"Blues Tourism and the Mississippi Delta"—I thought it looked to be a winner. A book that offers pointers on blues promotion is greatly ...


Mojo On My Mind

Everyone is probably familiar with Mississippi's historical role in the creation of blues, rock 'n' roll and country music. Without that incredible history, "American Idol" would be limited to contestants ...


Drifting in the Groove

You've probably never heard of Daniel Lanois, but you've certainly heard his work. He has quite an impressive resumé: producer of CDs recorded by Bob Dylan, the Neville Brothers, Emmylou ...


Art Disguised as Memoir

Tom Sancton has had an interesting career as a journalist. He is a former Time magazine reporter and editor, contributor to Vanity Fair, Fortune, and Newsweek, and author of a ...


Memphis Boys Make Music History

Lincoln "Chips" Moman is one of the most successful record producers in history. A music visionary with a knack for matching songs with artists, he was the genius behind Elvis ...


Piano Man's Exit Leaves a Void

I first met Jim Dickinson in the mid-1980s, when I was writing editorials about the Memphis music industry for The Commercial Appeal in an effort to revitalize the local music ...


On the Road With Harry Truman

Right off, I have to admit that Harry Truman is one of my favorite presidents.

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