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James L. Dickerson

Commentary by James L.


[Dickerson] Civil Rights Ain't Just History

Gov. Haley Barbour did the right thing by lobbying for a civil-rights museum.

[Dickerson] Dances with Panthers

Suddenly, the big cat began moving toward me, slowly at first, then faster...


[Dickerson] Finding Solutions

Growing up in the Delta, I learned that bullies were a dime a dozen.

[Dickerson] Long Live the ‘W'

When Gov. Haley Barbour came out in favor of merging Mississippi University for Women with Mississippi State University, I was ecstatic.


[Dickerson] Presidential Politics 101

A word of warning: If you don't want to know who's going to win the presidential election, don't read further.


[Dickerson] Shame on You, Hillary

The weekend after the Texas debate, I saw Hillary Clinton on television losing her cool over Barack Obama's criticism of her health-care plan. I don't think that I will ever ...

[Dickerson] A FedEx Christmas Story

Mackey Wright was on his way to Toys R Us on County Line Road, where he planned to shop for a Christmas present for his son, when he saw something ...

[Dickerson] Liberal or Conservative? The Home Test

I was talking to a friend the other day, and he asked me why Mississippians are always on the wrong side of every issue.

[Dickerson] Can You Handle the Truth?

For a long time, I wanted to ask President Bush why, if the Dixie Chicks knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he couldn't figure it out ...

[Dickerson] Who's Zooming Whom?

Earlier this month, President Bush signed into law revisions to the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It gives the Bush administration new power to screen your e-mails and listen in ...

[Dickerson] Charlie Hosemann Gets My Vote

My family has never flirted with the GOP, primarily because we view Republicans as rabble-rousing upstarts who stand in opposition to the unimpeachable liberalism of Jefferson and Madison.