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Revisited: Town Creek


Many see Jackson's multiple creeks as nothing more than drainage ditches. They are undevelopable space offering only the threat of flooding, bank caving and snakes. Other cities, however, are increasingly recognizing the value that urban creeks can offer as parks, recreational corridors, and in improving water quality and environmental health.

Town Creek stretches from northwest Jackson (through the heart of the proposed "Medical Corridor"), past the Jackson Zoo, to where it flows under downtown Jackson, day-lighting again just to the south of the Mississippi Museum of Art. Numerous planning sketches have been drawn for the downtown portion of Town Creek, stretching from the art museum to its confluence with the Pearl River. The future of the "Town Lake" and "River Walk" portions of the creek, however, are largely tied to flood-control planning along the Pearl.

There is every reason to focus on less-discussed strategies to develop the Town Creek corridor north of downtown.  Town Creek stretches from Farish Street to Hawkins Field, and is hydraulically connected to the Jackson Zoo and Livingston Park. A Branch of Town Creek reaches past the Jackson Medical Mall, through Grove Park.  The Town Creek watershed provides a natural green corridor that could be restored, providing improved water quality and storm water control, as well as a recreational corridor linking Livingston Park, Hawkins Field, Grove Park and Lake Hico. Such a project would provide a valuable green overlay to the planning under way for the Jackson Medical Corridor and the West Jackson Master Plan.

Similar opportunities exist along Lynch Creek, Eubanks Creek and Hanging Moss Creek. It is a good idea to start a discussion now about how we can get more value from our urban creeks in the future.

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