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Best Practice: Mid-South Minority Business Council Continuum

"Established in 1973 as the Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC), a component of the Memphis Area Chamber of Commerce, the MMBC Continuum now serves as a minority business-development organization and a source of expertise in advancing minority economic development. The organization became independent of the Chamber in 1989 after GOALS for Memphis, a think tank of Memphis business executives identified minority economic development as one of four strategic priorities for the area's future growth. The mission of the MMBC Continuum is to 'proactively develop a climate of inclusion where business-to-business relationships and developmental programs foster increased growth and success of minority businesses.' The well-established organization provides training and development, matchmaking services, and a working-capital loan fund to its members. In addition, the Continuum provides Strategic Business Advisors to its members that assist with business assessment and keep up with global market and industry trends for its members."

— Reprinted from Jackson's Vision 2022 plan, Best Practices, page 87,

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