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Match Made in (Mouthwatering) Heaven

One great thing about high-gravity beer is that (much like its higher-alcohol cousin, wine) it pairs wonderfully with food. And as with pairing food and wine, there are some general ...

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Sweet, Sweet Beer

“I’d kill everyone in this room for one drop of sweet, sweet beer.” —Homer Simpson

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Apron Strings to Executive Chef

Nick Wallace told me stories as we drove to Edwards in April. There were gardens to see and people to meet, and all of them had a history.

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Craig Noone's Unfinished Business

People leave unfinished business. Sometimes they just move on to other projects. Or they meet with tragedy, leaving others to complete the unfinished business. It is the living who follow ...


Everything's Better On a Stick

What is it about the simple act of putting something on a stick that just makes it irresistible? Is it the convenience of having an easy way to transport food ...

Eating Out

Happy Delicious Birthday to You

A little over a year ago, I got a call from Jackson Free Press Editor-in-Chief Donna Ladd asking if I had heard about the new restaurant called Parlor Market being ...


New Football Year Resolutions

All that hoopla back at the first of January was just practice. The real new year starts now with the beginning of football season, when everyone is undefeated and hope ...

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Farm To Table

It sounds like such a simple concept. Farmers grow food; restaurants cook and serve food; customers eat food. If only it were that simple. Competing forces of regulation, supply and ...


Pop-up in Paradise

Jimmy Buffet sang about them. Wimpy ate 'em with abandon (and would gladly pay you Tuesday for one today), and 86 percent of Americans ordered at least one last year.


Restraint and Love

Ordering "bangers and mash" is cooler than asking a waiter for sausage and mashed potatoes. Way cooler. Kind of like it's cooler to get fish and chips instead of fried ...

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