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Candidates Make Final Push

Read Republican Bill Denny's mailout (PDF). In the final hours before Election Day, candidates for state offices are making the final push to win over voters and outpace their opponents.


Inside Yes on 26

Yes on 26 Campaign Director Brad Prewitt is an unassuming man. The 36-year-old with boyish features looked a bit uncomfortable wearing a suit and tie during the campaign's "Festival of ...

Tease photo Candidate

The JFP Interview with Jim Hood

Attorney General Jim Hood appears to be a natural prosecutor, although it was a career path he initially resisted. His father was a Chickasaw County attorney and prosecutor. In 2003, ...

AG Hood Passes on ‘Mud Fight' with Simpson

Republican Attorney General candidate Steve Simpson's attempts to spar with his opponent, Democratic incumbent Jim Hood, went mostly uncontested during a debate at a John C. Stennis Institute of Government ...


Yes on 26 Launches Fake Website

The campaign working in support of the Personhood Amendment has launched a fake website to attack the Political Action Committee working against the ballot measure that would redefine the word ...

Person of the Day

Rickey Cole

Rickey Cole's political activism started at the age of nine when he would help his parents put up signs supporting Mississippi's first female treasurer, Evelyn Gandy.


Preparing for Battle

Twenty years ago, when Cristen Hemmins was a student at Millsaps College, two teenagers pulled out a gun and abducted her in the campus parking lot. The young men raped ...


Advocates Gear up For Personhood Battle

Anti-abortion advocates celebrated a Mississippi Supreme Court ruling last week that OK'd a Nov. 8 ballot initiative asking voters whether the state Constitution should define when life begins, but the ...


Dem Candidates A Minority at ‘Republican Woodstock'

Even though Democratic candidates are the minority at the Neshoba County Fair, many see the Republican-heavy grounds as a vital campaign stop to rub elbows with party supporters, media and ...

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Democrats: The Mayor or the Businessman?

Bill Luckett and Johnny DuPree, Democratic candidates for governor in Mississippi, resembled long-time acquaintances more than they did political opponents during a debate at the University of Mississippi July 6.

Person of the Day

Lydia Quarles

If Lydia Quarles has her way, Mississippi will no longer rank as the 49th state in the nation for the number of females serving in elected office.


Judge Rules in Favor of Personhood Amendment

Read the ruling (PDF)

An initiative asking voters to decide if the state Constitution should define when life begins can be placed on the 2011 ballot, Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Malcolm Harrison ruled ...

Person of the Day

CJ Rhodes

Tonight bears historical significance for Mount Helm Baptist Church pastor CJ Rhodes who will take part in a discussion about race and the role of the church as his congregation ...


State Waits on Personhood Ruling

A war of semantics filled Judge Malcolm Harrison's courtroom this afternoon, as opposing parties debated the constitutionality of a 2011 ballot initiative asking voters to determine when life begins.


Personhood Initiative Heads to Court

The outcome of a lawsuit over a 2011 ballot initiative asking voters to define when life begins will come down to whether the initiative requires modifications to the state Constitution.


Personhood Initiative Approved for 2011 Ballot

The Mississippi Secretary of State's office approved an initiative today for the 2011 ballot asking voters to decide whether the constitution should designate that life begins at fertilization.


Abortion Amendment Unlikely

Personhood Mississippi leader Les Riley stood in front of a small but fervent crowd last week at the secretary of state's office proclaiming victory for the pro-life movement.