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Mississippi Women: Time to ‘Personhood’ Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Mississippi women turned back Personhood in 2011. Now, we need to vote against two men likely to limit everything from the birth-control pill to in vitro fertilization, from affordable cancer ...

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Sen. McDaniel, Meet the Real ‘Liberal Women’

As I was consumed with Best of Jackson week last week, I kept getting emails and texts about a state legislator proving himself to be among the worst of Mississippi.


What the Mamas Taught Us

When I heard 40 days before Election Day that the "No on 26" folks were trying to hire a spokesperson, I just knew women didn't have a chance. Thankfully, I ...


Awards, Awards, Awards: Cheers to JFP Staff, Freelancers

Yesterday was a very good day for the JFP staff, and especially our writers and designers. First we found out that we are finalists for three Association of Alternative Newsmedia ...

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Beware the GOP's (Un)Scientific Sexism

The majority of Mississippians who voted last fall to block the passage of the "personhood" initiative should be very nervous about the Nov. 6 election.


Early Returns on Personhood 45% Yes 55 % NO; Voter ID Winning 62% So Far

Early returns (17 percent or so) indicate that (a) Phil Bryant is winning, (b) Jim Hood is winning, (c) Personhood is LOSING and (d) Voter ID is winning. More when ...

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JFP Wins Multiple Awards for 2011 Work

The Jackson Free Press got amazing news from Detroit Friday afternoon when we learned the Association of Alternative Newsmedia was presenting us a coveted first-place public-service award for our team ...


Mississippi Deals Personhood Movement a Resounding Defeat

Nov. 8, 2011 -- Tonight was not a good night for the national Personhood USA movement that tried to push Initiative 26 in Mississippi. The opponents took some 60 percent ...


The Day After: Bryant, Hood, Voter ID In; Personhood Out; House May Go GOP

What a night in Mississippi! With national eyes on us, the biggest news of the night is that the state voted about 40-60 against the Personhood Initiative. Predictably, Phil Bryant ...


Polls Have Closed; JFP Team Ready to Roll

Take a deep breath, all. The polls just closed. Who will be our next governor, attorney general, treasurer, legislators? Will Personhood pass? Voter ID? Eminent Domain? The JFP team—Todd, Ronni, ...

Domestic Violence

How We Must Respond to Haley Barbour's Pardons

It is heartening to see so many people in Mississippi and beyond respond with outrage over former Gov. Haley Barbour's pardons of so many men who killed wives and girlfriends, ...

Editor's Note

The Pursuit of Excellence

Every now and then, I have to lighten up in this space. Rather than taking on the troubles of the world or trying to pull at your heart strings with ...

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From Trump to Weinstein: ‘This Way of Treating Women Ends Now’

Hell week for women started with Donald Trump telling employers they can cherry-pick access to birth control out of women employees' health insurance. It ended with a long line of ...

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A Girl Strikes Back

I was astounded to read in a recent Associated Press story that Mississippi House of Representatives Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, refers to fellow legislators exclusively as "men."


Big Winners/Losers We Know About As of Tonight

Here's a race list of who/what won and lost tonight. It's not exhaustive because we're exhausted. We'll attach numbers tomorrow. JFP endorsements have astericks:

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Martha Raddatz

Martha Raddatz set a new national standard last night.


If Not Now, When?

Next Tuesday is Election Day in Mississippi. If voting trends hold true, fewer than 40 percent of those eligible to vote will actually cast ballots. It also means that progressives ...

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The Contraception Wars

Most of you have surely heard by now that former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is blaming his resounding loss on "gifts" that President Obama offered young voters, African Americans and ...

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My Advice for Mississippi Politicians

Being inspired is pretty much the same whether you're trying to decide who to elect or to stay excited about your career.

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Mississippi: Clawing to the Top

As we've all been riding high in recent weeks over the Mississippi State football team's meteoric rise on the media radar, we've all seen those tweets. You know, the anti-Mississippi ...