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Analysis: Initiative Process Complex and Difficult to Use

A conservative group announced last week that it will try to put a term-limits amendment on the Mississippi ballot, but history shows there's a good chance the proposal will never ...

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An Open Letter to Our Teachers

I don't doubt for a second that there are bad teachers who just show up to collect a paycheck, but I can't recall ever having a teacher who I didn't ...

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LGBT Leader, Other Democratic Women Running for Office

The civil engineer and businesswoman helping to spearhead the fight for marriage equality in Mississippi is running for state auditor and hopes to bring transparency to the office that holds ...

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Target: Abortion Rights, Public Ed, LGBT Custody

Women's rights and public education topped the Mississippi legislative agenda as it rolled past the Jan. 19 deadline for filing bills and into the fourth week of the session, while ...

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Another Do-Nothing Legislature?

For the past four years, I have read almost every bill presented to the House and Senate, and most of them are complete and utter nonsense.

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Two Hinds County Judge Runoffs Today

Today, some Hinds County voters are returning to the polls for two runoffs for two county judge seats.

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Mississippi: Clawing to the Top

As we've all been riding high in recent weeks over the Mississippi State football team's meteoric rise on the media radar, we've all seen those tweets. You know, the anti-Mississippi ...


Fight For Women, Not Against Them

If our politicians are truly concerned about protecting women and children, they should abandon their relentless assault on abortion rights and tackle the real issues facing girls and women in ...

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That’s Not How Pregnancy Works

Sit back for a moment and think back to the long gone days of 2011. That was the year many of us were either working to ensure Initiative 26 (better ...

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Loving All Over Hobby Lobby

In September 2012, the American Family Association sent an action alert to its followers, urging them to support Hobby Lobby in its quest to deny insurance coverage of some contraception ...

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Inside the AFA: How One ‘Hate Group’ Is Fighting the ‘Gay Agenda’

At the American Family Association headquarters in Tupelo, Miss., a staff of about 130 produces radio programs and other media to promote its Christian ideology.

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Hobby Lobby Ruling Could Spell Corporate Trouble

One of the basic problems that we have in this country is the structure of the modern corporation—particularly large, multi-national corporations.


Dems Hope Decision Will Energize Female Supporters

Their Senate majority in peril, anxious Democrats have seized the Supreme Court decision that some companies need not provide birth control to women as fresh evidence of the GOP's "war ...


Birth Control Ruling Sparks Political Clash

Republicans called it a win for religious freedom. The decision of the Supreme Court, they said, is further evidence the country's new health care law is deeply flawed.

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Dudes We Dig

Jackson Free Press' 2014 Dudes We Dig consist of men who help their communities, including a veteran who is an veterans' advocate, a conservative baker who is fighting against the ...

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Moses: Jim Crow Still With Us in Education

Dr. Robert Moses Jr., an architect of the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project in 1964, connected the Jim Crow policies of the past with the underfunded education of today during his ...

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Sital Sanjanwala

This week, Jackson native Sital Sanjanwala, who now works for Fondren-based political consulting firm Chism Strategies, received Campaign & Elections magazine's Rising Star award for her work to help defeat ...

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No Life-at-Conception Proposal on '15 Miss. Ballot

Mississippians will not vote on a new ballot initiative that would declare life begins at conception.

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Anti-Abortion Ballot Proposal Uncertain in Miss.

Organizers have little time left to push for a new Mississippi ballot initiative that would declare life begins at conception.

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Using the KKK to Fight Abortion Rights

Groups such as the Ashburn, Va.-based Radiance Foundation have used ads to cast abortion as akin to genocide of African American children. Others are crying foul play.