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[Feedback] Logic, Offended

I do not consider myself to be pro-life, and I opposed the Personhood Initiative, but the article by Brian McGowan ("The Attack on Republicanism," Vol. 10, Issue 26) offended my ...


Personhood Supporters Shocked, Undeterred

See also Grassroots Mamas: 'We Did It!'


Personhood Polls Surprisingly Close

In this typically anti-abortion state, a recent poll suggests that the fate of the "Personhood Amendment" might be too close to call. Public Policy Polling found that 45 percent of ...

Health Care

New Personhood Amendment Filed

Backers of 2011's unsuccessful Personhood amendment are back with a retooled effort.


What the Mamas Taught Us

When I heard 40 days before Election Day that the "No on 26" folks were trying to hire a spokesperson, I just knew women didn't have a chance. Thankfully, I ...

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JFP Wins Multiple Awards for 2011 Work

The Jackson Free Press got amazing news from Detroit Friday afternoon when we learned the Association of Alternative Newsmedia was presenting us a coveted first-place public-service award for our team ...


Personhood: No Means No

Lysistrata had a plan to end the 20-year Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. In the year 411 B.C., she gathered women in the warring region together for an important ...


Awards, Awards, Awards: Cheers to JFP Staff, Freelancers

Yesterday was a very good day for the JFP staff, and especially our writers and designers. First we found out that we are finalists for three Association of Alternative Newsmedia ...

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Mississippians 'Confused' About Personhood?

Not satisfied with taking "no" for an answer from the state's voters, Personhood Mississippi has teamed up with the Christian ultra-conservative American Family Association to take another shot at changing ...

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Grassroots Mamas Tell All

'This is How We Do It!'

Lori Gregory-Garrott opened her front door suddenly and looked at her sleepy Fondren neighborhood with anticipation. It was just before 10 p.m. Nov. 8, Election Day.


Vol. 10, No. 12

<b>'Not Your Church'</b>

Somewhere in the fight to stop Amendment 26 (Personhood), I went from just living in Mississippi, home of the entrenched conservative mindset to which I must surrender my hopes of ...


Live from Yes on 26

Personhood is the race to watch tonight, with supporters at a "watch and pray" event hosted by Yes on 26 saying it's too close to call.


Personhood on Trial Today

Jackson Attorneys Robert McDuff and J. Cliff Johnson will stand before the full Mississippi Supreme Court today at 1:30 p.m. and explain why a ballot initiative giving rights to microscopic ...


‘Personhood' Petition Filed

Personhood Mississippi, an anti-abortion organization led by Les Riley of Pontotoc, has filed a petition with the secretary of state's office to put the issue of when life begins on ...


Marchers Protest 'War on Women'

About 50 people gathered this morning to march around the Capitol and oppose state legislators' attempts to pass anti-abortion bills and personhood legislation during the current session.


[Lee] My Health Is At Stake

In 2008, I was living in Colorado and facing a ballot initiative known as Amendment 48 to the state Constitution. It aims to define personhood as beginning at the moment ...


State Waits on Personhood Ruling

A war of semantics filled Judge Malcolm Harrison's courtroom this afternoon, as opposing parties debated the constitutionality of a 2011 ballot initiative asking voters to determine when life begins.


North Dakota Looks at More Abortion Restrictions

North Dakota lawmakers who approved what would be some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S. are now considering outlawing all abortions.


Fillingane Introduces Anti-Abortion Resolution

Within the last couple of hours, Sen. Joey Fillingane introduced a resolution to amend the state constitution "to protect the life of every unborn child from conception to birth."


Voters Were Not Confused

In November 2011, 58 percent of Mississippi voters made their voices unequivocally heard when they said "No" to Initiative 26.