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OPINION: We Must Vote Like Our Lives Depend On It—Because They Do

"I don't understand why people would even consider the thought of not voting, but I believe it's a very dangerous train of thought for anyone to perpetuate."

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OPINION: John Lewis, Charles Evers, C.T. Vivian: Fighters and Heroes for their People

It is with distinct sadness and difficulty that I write this column in memory of Congressman John Lewis, Mayor Charles Evers and Rev. C.T. Vivian. It's hard to condense my …

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OPINION: What Side Are You On? Racism Is Dividing Nation Along Line of Morality

"This election year will force America to choose between two very different ideas. What side are you on? Yes, America, there are two sides. We have arrived at the inevitable …

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OPINION: Mississippians Can’t Breathe if Gov. Tate Reeves Keeps Validating Symbols of Hate

Columnist Duvalier Malone writes that Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves news to immediately take down all symbols of hate, including the state flag, so Mississippi can begin the process of racial …

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OPINION: Sick and Tired: What It Feels Like to Be Black in America

Columnist Duvalier Malone writes that well-intentioned white people must “step outside the bubble of your white privilege” to make a real difference for black Americans’ equality and safety.

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OPINION: Governor, Rescind ‘Confederate Heritage’ Proclamation, Focus on Racial Healing

As many Mississippians are faced with the coronavirus in every county but two as of today, the Mississippi Sons of Confederate Veterans released a proclamation signed by Gov. Tates naming …

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OPINION: Amid COVID-19 Crisis, U.S. Must Heal All the Wounds that Got Us Here

As the U.S. reels from the effects of COVID-19, we are faced with a stark reality: We were desperately and woefully unprepared for a crisis.

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OPINION: Kentucky, Virginia and Louisiana Voted for Change; Mississippi Still Has Work to Do

"While the rest of the country is erupting in action by using the power of the vote to elect more progressive officials, it seems apathy has gripped a large portion …

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OPINION: Till's Memorial May Be Bulletproof, but America Still Needs Racial Healing

"A bulletproof sign means nothing without justice for Emmett Till and his family. It means nothing if we don't use our circles of influence to help bring about racial healing."

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OPINION: Americans Must Avoid Apathy, Buck Norms, Make Bold Decisions

The American people must realize that it is our right and our duty to demand a seat at the political table of power. It is our duty to call for …

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OPINION: Has the Heart of America Changed? Justice for Emmett Louis Till Now.

"As the U.S. Department of Justice investigates Emmett Till's murder and Carolyn Bryant Donham's confession, we must do everything in our power to make our voices known and demand that …

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OPINION: Answering the Call—Immigration Reform 2019

When I heard the news of the ICE raids in my home state of Mississippi, it horrified me, but I can't say I was surprised. I come from Mississippi, where …

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OPINION: Mississippi's New Governor—The Time for Change is Now!

Every state in the union has done the right and humane thing of removing the Confederate symbol from their flags. Mississippi stands alone, steeped in injustice and fear.


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