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[Stauffer] America's Team

So I'm a Saints fan. I love watching Brees when he's in the groove, and I love watching the interceptions and Bush pylon leaps ... and I still dream about ...

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Even a Little 'Involvement' Will Do

Before I was a newspaper publisher, I spent most of my time as a freelance writer and book author, which meant, largely, that I was alone in my office (wherever ...


Seeking the Authentic

Since I'm one of those folks who was "brought back" to Mississippi by a native, I sometimes feel like I have a unique vantage point. Mississippi reminds me enough of ...

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Why ‘Local' is a ‘Good' Thing

"Chamber of Commerce Announces Free Enterprise Climate Policy" read the headline of the e-mail in my in-box on Monday morning.


'Local' Means More than 'Locale'

In her Aug. 21 column, "How Locavores Brought On Local-Washing," Forbes magazine Deputy Editor Elisabeth Eaves takes umbrage with the story "A Local Lie" (link) published here and in a ...


Think Local First

I'm currently reading the book "Big Box Swindle" by Stacy Mitchell, who wrote our cover story this week. The book argues that much of what we believe about big-box development—that ...

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Whose River Is it?

In the past weeks, the Jackson Free Press has spent some time looking into the Two Lakes plan for flood control and economic development on the Pearl River—a plan that's ...


The Changing Saga of ‘Two Lakes'

Last week John McGowan of McGowan Working Partners LLC visited us here at the JFP offices for a marathon lunch session to discuss his "Two Lakes" project.

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Why Harvey? Call Me ‘Responsible…'

Political seasons are always interesting, particularly because we at the Jackson Free Press feel it's important—despite the turmoil that often ensues—to endorse candidates for office.


‘Think Local' Elections

As the city primaries approach on May 6, 2009, I turn again and again to the thought of how local business will fare in these elections.


Ledger Admits Guilt on Melton

Last weekend, David Hampton, editorial director of The Clarion-Ledger, wrote what could have been an important first step for the newspaper that did a fair bit to help get Frank ...

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Now, Go Produce a Record!

Last week's Best of Jackson issue was followed, as always, by the Best of Jackson party, and this year's party was an amazing blowout—hundreds of our closest friends joined us ...

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Celebrating Excellence

I write this having just watched the swearing in of our new president, hearing his call to service and responsibility in his inaugural address. It will take some time to ...

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Make Jackson Weird

I grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan, and one of the biggest adjustments to rooting for my now-beloved Saints is to learn to keep hope alive for a team that ...

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Think Global, Buy Local

Welcome to the "Good" issue. Our goal with this intern-created issue is to present you with ways that you can give back, give thanks and consider some opportunities to do ...


Factchecking McCain on Small Biz

In all of Sen. John McCain's hand-wringing recently over Sen. Barack Obama's tax plan, there's something I have never seen said plainly enough that I'd like to state for the ...

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Dear Larry: Jackson More Than a 'Market'

The Clarion-Ledger's current publisher Larry Whitaker announced in a staff memo last week that Mississippi's state-wide Gannett property will lay off 20 employees on top of the hiring freeze it ...

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Innocents Abroad

It was with a bit a trepidation that I approached last week's bus trip to Little Rock arranged by former City Councilman Ben Allen, now president of Downtown Jackson Partners.


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