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Hell No! is in the House

Michelle Colon, the activist who started the Hell No! on 26 and 27 just walked in the door loaded down with posters and banners. I asked her if it has been a long day. "It's been a long couple of months," she told me.

She and some folks from Mississippi ACLU are gathering here tonight to have a place for the grassroots activists and organizers who worked to defeat the Personhood Initiative. Other groups are meeting at homes and Walker's Drive In to watch the poll results.

"I think we got two out of three today," Colon said. She predicts Initiative 26 will not pass and Initiative 31 (eminent domain) will pass. She is worried that white liberals didn't care enough about Initiative 27 that would require voter ID. She's heard too many people say, "What's the big deal? So you have to show your ID?" I've heard similar comments and read more of them on Facebook.

Generally, it's still pretty quiet here at Ole Tavern on George Street.Updates to come.

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