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Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin

Commentary by Brad "Kamikaze"

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Paying Attention

While I love living in a country where any citizen can run for public office, I also hate living in a country where so many think they should.

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Justifying Foolishness

At times, this country is a model for intolerance. Our compassion is thrown to the wind, and our grand ignorance is on display for all to see.

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Teach Your Sons

Fathers, teach your sons what respect means. It seems to be a quality lost on a new generation of boys, and we all must collectively take responsibility for that.

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What's in a Name?

I had an interesting conversation recently on my Facebook page about the "Christmas controversy" that comes up every year.

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The Worst of Us

We've seen the ugly side of America. We've seen what we can devolve into, and I don't think most of us like it.

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Now It’s Serious

Things just got serious. We have less than a week until the election, and I hope everyone understands how close this race is.

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A Smile, A Smirk

In social media, I see lots of folks who say they've either unfollowed, unfriended, blocked or deleted someone because of their political beliefs.

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Romney: Not Presidential

There's an old adage that says, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

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Making Others 'Comfortable'

Of dreadlocks and MBAs; of fashion trends and government intervention; of earrings and the news. Don't worry; I'm about to make my point.

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Scars Run Deep

Most people hear about victims of domestic violence. It's always a friend or a relative of a co-worker or that woman you passed in a crowded bar whose name is ...

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Fashion Police in Politics

Lets just get to the bottom line. The "saggy pants" debate is perhaps the most ridiculous, over-talked issue of modern times. It's downright stupid. And might I add ... stupid.


[Kamikaze] Hold the School Board Accountable

I'm a proud product of Jackson Public Schools. I attended Boyd Elementary and Chastain Middle schools up until the 9th grade. I then went to St. Joseph Catholic School because ...


[Kamikaze] Rich in Life

My oldest daughter graduated from high school this past Friday. It was a proud moment indeed, as she also finished as her class valedictorian. This fall, she'll be attending Jackson ...


[Kamikaze] Keep Us Informed

Transparency, good communication, access to information, assurances, being proactive—these are a few traits I'm sure citizens expect out of those who hold leadership positions. Whether elected or appointed, a certain ...


[Kamikaze] Enemies of Progress

When the check writers determine who the law writers are, the system never changes. When bureaucrats are allowed to govern with impunity, the system never changes. In or out of ...


[Kamikaze] Still Racial

So, you're tired of hearing folks talk about race, right? Tired of reading about it? Sick of seeing all the articles and all the pieces on CNN? You could do ...


[Kamikaze] Your Child or Mine

It's frustrating to think that what happened to Trayvon Martin will probably happen again somewhere. It's even more unsettling to think that Jackson is primed for similar incidents to occur ...


[Kamikaze] Healing Starts at Home

So, #STOPKONY is a new trending topic in social media. If you're not familiar, the "Stop Kony" movement refers to Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. Kony lived in relative anonymity before ...


[Kamikaze] Behind the Curtain

It appears the culture wars of 2008 have returned for a sequel in 2012. You can attribute some of it to the Republican presidential candidates. Sure, gas prices are rising, ...

[Kamikaze] Year of the Underdog

I'm drawn to stories of the underdog—the little guy or gal triumphant against seemingly insurmountable odds.

[Kamikaze] ‘I'm No Token'

I attended the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership annual luncheon last week. It's one of those affairs where the city's power players share a meal and listen to a speaker talk ...


[Kamikaze] Politics, as Usual

We are a nation of extremes. And as we've been inundated with debate after debate in this Republican primary season, it has been even more prevalent. I watched as Republicans ...

[Kamikaze] Embracing Who I Am

I'm a fan of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." At the end of every show, in a segment called "What have we learned today," each of the hosts tells one thing new ...


[Kamikaze] Parental Sanity

Our children are our greatest commodities. It is our responsibility as parents, as teachers and adults to protect and nurture them so they can grow to be productive citizens.

[Kamikaze] The War Outside

"There's a war going on outside no man is safe from." —Prodigy of Mobb Deep


[Kamikaze] Just the Messenger

Mississippi, and Jackson particularly, suffers from "shoot the messenger" syndrome. You know: If you don't like the message, just attack the person(s) delivering it. If the message could possibly upset ...


[Kamikaze] Let's Talk, Dems

Hey, Mississippi Democratic Party: Can we talk? We've heard some pretty strong accusations that you aren't as powerful as you used to be. In fact, a few folks are whispering ...

[Kamikaze] Good Food for Good Work

There's not much going on in Jackson that I don't know about. I try to stay up to speed on all of the good things that the city has to ...


[Kamikaze] Address Causes, not Symptoms

When is enough going to be enough? When will be fed up? No, better yet, when will we get mad? It's these times that challenge the passion in positive Jacksonians.


[Kamikaze] The Green Light

I remember making my transition from doing music full time to more community-oriented exploits. I like to categorize it as maturation. It was about seven or eight years ago, and ...


[Kamikaze] Stop Waiting; Start Working

In past columns I've spoken about what has been coined the "savior complex," the tendency of a group, party or race to expect one individual to be the answer to ...


[Kamikaze] I'm Angry

I try not to write when I'm angry. They say some of the best writing comes out of emotion. But some of the most regrettable pieces have come when penned ...


[Kamikaze] What We've Learned

It's frustrating. Those of us who preach progression, who practice tolerance, see it daily. Despite the Herculean efforts of most of us, we still have some among us who are ...


[Kamikaze] Professional Politicians

I cringed when I heard the president utter the words. As his quote was continuously bandied about the Internet, I became even more disappointed. Barack Obama had become the very ...

Domestic Violence

[Kamikaze] Here's to You

My youngest daughter is now 15 months old. Though it's been fun to share all her adorable moments with you guys via Facebook, my thoughts often turn to more serious ...


[Kamikaze] The Propaganda Machine

Let me explain the difference between Eric Bolling and Jon Stewart. One guy is on a fake news show on Comedy Central. The other is on a real news network ...


[Kamikaze] Yet Another Distraction

So, another politician has gotten caught with his finger on the "send" button, or in this case, the "tweet" button. We all know how this movie plays out. Politician has ...


[Kamikaze] Trash Talking

Let's put some accurate information onto the turnpike, shall we? Crime in Jackson is down. Dropping. Heading south. It's a slow decline, yes, but a decline, nonetheless. For those of ...

[Kamikaze] Freedom and Responsibility

Ah, the First Amendment: freedom of speech—that little inalienable right that we all have and that we all have invoked. Clearly some of us don't really understand what it means. ...

[Kamikaze] A Fresh Start

2010 could be described as "the best of times and the worst of times" for the Franklin family and me. We always have high hopes and expectations, but sometimes life ...


[Kamikaze] It's About People

Let's be honest. This town needs an enema. There are some leadership voids that indicate it's time for our city to turn a page—or three.

[Kamikaze] Take the ‘I' Out of Team

I'm not a Democrat or Republican. Nor am I liberal or conservative. I shun the two-party mindset, believing that there's no either/or scenario when it comes to politics. I'm more ...

[Kamikaze] Re-Shaking Things Up

Even I get discouraged. As much as I champion Jackson, there are times that its outdated vestiges rear their ugly heads. There are times when the corporate status quo takes ...