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The Worst of Us


Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin

We've seen the ugly side of America. We've seen what we can devolve into, and I don't think most of us like it. The presidential election brought out the worst in many of us, and now, I'm stuck trying to explain the actions of thousands of disgruntled voters to my kids.

Let's be honest with ourselves, shall we? Race is still the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Try as some might to chalk it up to policy, the actions I've seen seem to be a reaction to a deeper issue.

When white kids at Ole Miss burn an Obama sign and shout racial slurs, they are deemed "mischievous" kids who are "exercising their freedom of speech." Had it been black students yelling "whitey" or "honky" and burning Romney signs ... well, you know what would have happened: The police, sheriffs, perhaps even the National Guard would have intervened. Black students would have been arrested or expelled. In subsequent weeks, we would read about those "thugs" who caused a disturbance on the peaceful campus. Why is that?

Then there's that one Black Panther--one--who shows up (alone) at a polling place, and FOX News is ready to call out the National Guard. Why is that?

Michelle Obama says in a speech, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country," and gets reamed in the conservative press. Yet, as we speak, people in all 50 states have filed petitions to secede from the U.S. as the result of Barack Obama's re-election. They join a lot of Republican voters who are suddenly no longer "proud" of this country. Why is that?

When Bill Clinton won a second term, we didn't hear any large-scale secession requests. Don't feed me that bologna about how "different" the Clinton and Obama world views are: They are both centrist Democratic presidents whose platforms were more palatable to African Americans, Hispanics, gays and poor people. Both ran on the premise that it was time to level the playing field.

To me, the only noticeable difference is the color of their skin--that and plain old fear and outright ignorance. This ignorance makes pundits associate welfare with black folks when, in fact, there are more white Americans than blacks on government assistance (by percentage, the rates are about the same).

It's embarrassing, quite frankly, that as a member of the human race, I have to raise my kids in this fractured, damaged climate. How do we come together when no one wants to admit how and why we are still so far apart?

And that's the truth ... sho nuff.

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scott62 8 years, 10 months ago

Obama was elected then reelected to the Presidency of the United States of America because he was black Brad, not in spite of it. Do you honestly believe a white man with his background and experience could have even made it to the primaries in 2008 much less beat Hillary Clinton? I mean, the woman was already president, the election was going to be merely a formality until he came along.

I'll spare you the obvious hypocriscy of how this paper treats conservatives or how it treated George Bush because it's impossible for anyone at JFP to be racist, you're all too enlightened. When you as a democrat and black man were critical of Bush it was what? A dissenting political opinion? But when I as a republican and white man am critical of Obama it is what? Racism. Ok I get it, but can I ask you one more quesiton please?

Have you stopped to think about the fact that you're bitching about the mean ole white man and how he treats a black man, but that black man was elected by America to be the most powerful man in the world? At what point Brad.... at what point does it become not racial anymore? At what point can we disagree or talk about things and solve problems without having a bunch of people run around with sirens on their heads screaming "racism!"? Tell me where that line is because I'm confused as hell. I thought it was ok to disagree with your president but I guess not


kamikaze 8 years, 10 months ago

Thanks for your comments. Interesting though that you would classify this column as "whining." Interesting that you would assume you know me or my political views because if you did you would know that Ive stated several times that Im Independent. I vote person not party. Interesting because it sounds much like the "white guy whining about HE'S being attacked by the mean old Black folks stuck on racism."

First thing I ask you to do is go back through my column and refute ANYTHING..any point that I made. Start there. Then...understand that Black folks alone cant elect anyone to anything on the national level. Obama had to have a substantial amount of White voter support to win. Did the White folks who voted for Obama vote for him JUST because he was Black? Are you so naive to think that ALL Black people vote as a monolithic block and that we ONLY vote for candidates because theyre Black? Sure even I admit that some Black folks did, but its extrememly short-sighted to "assume" that all Black folks vote for the same reasons.

I have been ciritcal of Obama, clearly you dont regularly read my column. Was VERY critical of him during his re-election campaign. I have NO..Repeat NO problem with someone being critical of the President and most Black folks dont. But there is a decided difference between ciriticism on policy and outright disrespect of a President. You have problem with ACA? Ok? Have a problem with how he handled Syria? Cool. But the "Muslim", Birther, "Hes giving handouts to his homies" statements Ive heard are indeed racist and disrespectful.

As far as him getting elected, first time around the man electrified a country. Sure the "experience" wasnt there but clearly he had something that resonated with voters over Hilary. Hell, by that premise I could ask the same question about Tate Reeves who as a glorified Bank teller beat a seasoned, more experienced, more qualified Gary Anderson to win State treasurer. I could say the same thing about Sarah Palin being named a VP candidate. Did Tate win because he was White? Did Sarah get chosen because SHE was White?

I dont give a Rat's ass about a persons color just as long as they can do the job. I give every official their due. And I criticize them all equally. My track record proves that. Look it up. Things will stop being "racial" as soon as you and folks who think like you stop trying to act like it doesnt still exist. Again look back through my column and refute ANYTHING. Youre looking at a guy who voted for Bill Marcy in the 2nd district and would have voted for a White Republican had one run..WHY..because IMO the incumbent is no longer effective anbd MUST go.

Im no smarter or "enlighted" than the next guy. Methinks "conservatives" or "trolls" hate the JFP blog becaue theyre challenged and not allowed to make racist, unfounded, and generally vitriolic comments under the guise of "free speech" and get away with it.

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