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Paying Attention

While I love living in a country where any citizen can run for public office, I also hate living in a country where so many think they should.

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Justifying Foolishness

At times, this country is a model for intolerance. Our compassion is thrown to the wind, and our grand ignorance is on display for all to see.

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Teach Your Sons

Fathers, teach your sons what respect means. It seems to be a quality lost on a new generation of boys, and we all must collectively take responsibility for that.

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What's in a Name?

I had an interesting conversation recently on my Facebook page about the "Christmas controversy" that comes up every year.

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The Worst of Us

We've seen the ugly side of America. We've seen what we can devolve into, and I don't think most of us like it.

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Now It’s Serious

Things just got serious. We have less than a week until the election, and I hope everyone understands how close this race is.

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A Smile, A Smirk

In social media, I see lots of folks who say they've either unfollowed, unfriended, blocked or deleted someone because of their political beliefs.

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Romney: Not Presidential

There's an old adage that says, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

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Making Others 'Comfortable'

Of dreadlocks and MBAs; of fashion trends and government intervention; of earrings and the news. Don't worry; I'm about to make my point.

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Scars Run Deep

Most people hear about victims of domestic violence. It's always a friend or a relative of a co-worker or that woman you passed in a crowded bar whose name is ...

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So…Am I Wrong For Pointing This Out?

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I received an e-mail from a colleague today–one that was most interesting to say the least. It's not often that you get folks to put IN WRITING what they're really ...


Reactions to Gov Barbour's Speech/Ariz Shootings Tonight 7pm on Direct Line

For those of you who dont know, Ive been named the new host of TV23's Direct Line. An hour-long Live News Talk show devoted to adressing the day's top issues. ...


Hey Jackson! Old School HipHop Icon Doug E. Fresh LIVE on Saturday

It isnt often that Jackson the kind of music events that will attract music lovers both young and old. Both Black and White. But I honestly believe if youre an ...


Mississippi United Concert for A Cause: Clothing and Toy Drive. WE NEED YOU!

On SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19th. Mississippi United Presents: The TeamSipp GenerationNxt CONCERT FOR A CAUSE at DreamzJxn(426 Capital). The event will bring several area organizations together for the cause of giving ...


What does the term "Taking Back Our Country" Mean? And while we're at it…

... Can someone tell me why the folks who are "taking America back" are called "Patriots?" Why am I not one? and who are we "taking our country back from" ...


Ridgeland Apartment Complex says "Jackson" crime has spilled into Madison WHAAAA??

In the latest in Jackson bashing news: I have a colleague who recently showed me the weekly newsletter from his apartment complex. While the actual complex will remain nameless, it ...


1st Annual Downtown Cinco De Mayo Celebration WEDNESDAY 5:30pm

ADMISSION IS FREE TIL 9pm. Music, Mexican Food, and YOU!

The Jackson Progressives, Jackson Free Press, Jackson Downtown Neighborhood Association, and several other entities have joined forces for the 1st Annual Downtown Cinco De Mayo Celebration: Celebration of Jackson's Diversity. ...


Projacks: THIS should make you mad!

Received this as via email today. Forwarded to me by some other outraged Jacksonians. Seems our Metro "friends" *sarcasm off* are using our crisis as a a means to drum ...

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