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A Smile, A Smirk


Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin

We've got less than a month until the election. As usual, during campaign season you can look along the trail and see the collateral damage that political spin has left. There are the carcasses of operatives who've been thrown under the "bus," the charred remains of discarded talking points and the parade of pundits analyzing to death a smile, a twitch, a smirk. But an unfortunate by-product of politics is the number of friendships and relationships that I see ended during elections.

In social media, I see lots of folks who say they've either unfollowed, unfriended, blocked or deleted someone because of their political beliefs.

Some will say they can easily end friendships over politics. They believe that political views give insight into personal traits or beliefs. These beliefs, some would say, may not be acceptable. Understandable. I'll be the first to agree that politics is serious business ... but is it that serious?

We are a country made up of different people. Different races. Different views. The nation is filled with folks who may align themselves with different parties voting for different candidates. What we also know is that friendships are special things between two people who have decided to unconditionally deal with the imperfections of the other.

Granted, this is America, you're free to be friends, in person or on social media, with whomever you wish. You may like the echo chamber. But methinks it gets quite boring surrounding yourself with folks who will parrot what you believe. I'm not saying to allow overtly mean, racist, or sexist drivel. But simply be more open to people who don't think like you. In fact, be more open to folks whose views are very different than yours. That's what makes for healthy, albeit passionate, debate. 

I'd suggest this election season to respect everyone's viewpoints ... whether you agree with them or not. They have a right to their position. And in the end if you're able to end a friendship over politics, dare I say that you guys probably weren't "really" friends to begin with. Acquaintances, Facebook buddies perhaps, but real friends? Nope. And that's the truth...sho-nuff.

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lotero 9 years ago

Well, yes I do agree we must be open to everyone's point of view and have healthy debate but the reason why I might of blocked or selected not see their posts anymore regarding politics, is because it has been a bombardment of political slander. Also, I been pitied upon by even family members that do not agree with my point of view (meaning they say "I feel sorry for you") and that to me is just disrespectful. So point is, if there is respect on both sides then no, I would not block or def-riend but pass that line and I will make that cut.

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