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Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin

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Paying Attention

While I love living in a country where any citizen can run for public office, I also hate living in a country where so many think they should.

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Justifying Foolishness

At times, this country is a model for intolerance. Our compassion is thrown to the wind, and our grand ignorance is on display for all to see.

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Teach Your Sons

Fathers, teach your sons what respect means. It seems to be a quality lost on a new generation of boys, and we all must collectively take responsibility for that.

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Claiming the Shake

Initially I didn't think it that big of a deal. I mean, the YouTube Harlem Shake videos were just that, right?

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Classism in Madison

I could make the case that Mary Hawkins Butler's aggressive resistance to JSU's Madison campus is about race. There are definitely indications, over time, that people of color aren't exactly ...

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The Strange Animal

Politics is a strange animal. Who would have thought that a year later we still would be talking about rebranding, except the party is now the GOP.

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What's in a Name?

I had an interesting conversation recently on my Facebook page about the "Christmas controversy" that comes up every year.

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The Worst of Us

We've seen the ugly side of America. We've seen what we can devolve into, and I don't think most of us like it.

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Now It’s Serious

Things just got serious. We have less than a week until the election, and I hope everyone understands how close this race is.

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A Smile, A Smirk

In social media, I see lots of folks who say they've either unfollowed, unfriended, blocked or deleted someone because of their political beliefs.


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