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Donna Ladd

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Every Single Life Matters

We're living through one of those difficult times in Jackson when fear and distrust of "the other" reach a fevered pitch due to a high-profile crime.

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More to Lose If I Don’t

On the no-frills DASH diet, I have given up nothing that matters to me; cutting back sodium has been the hardest, because it's in so much more than just the ...

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Living and Loving in a Know-It-All Nation

I doubt I'm the only one who has struggled to find the holiday spirit this year. Mind you, I'm a holiday fanatic—decorate, give, wrap, deliver, entertain, even cook—but I've had ...

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Why Don’t We Value Black Lives?

Young, black men are often killed because white people fear them, and they kill each other because society tells them their lives are worthless. But the most terrifying part is ...

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My Only Egg Bowl Regret

David Rae Morris and I both really wish our dads were here to witness this magical season—one in which both teams have helped take a lot of glory away from ...

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Mississippi: Clawing to the Top

As we've all been riding high in recent weeks over the Mississippi State football team's meteoric rise on the media radar, we've all seen those tweets. You know, the anti-Mississippi ...

Tease photo Domestic Violence

Hop on the ‘No More’ Bandwagon

In many ways, I believe tackling domestic abuse in the football arena is the exact right place to focus. It's hard to imagine a more macho sport where power is ...

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Conceiving a Smarter Future

We're on an arc of history where too many of our lawmakers (and voters) aren't willing to address the disparities that our racist history created—unequal school funding due to forced, ...

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Why Do Children Stay?

It is time for all adults, with children or not, to reconsider traditions on corporal punishment and pay attention to both research on its harmfulness and expert advice on how ...

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Calling All Men of Character

To reverse the abuse cycle, it takes all of us, especially men.

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About Those Pesky ‘Soft Skills’

I want young Mississippians to have a shot at their full potential—and not have to leave their own damn state to do it.

Editor's Note

We're Sorry for the Murders of Dee and Moore

See full JFP Dee-Moore archive here.

When Thomas Moore came back to Mississippi in July 2005 looking for justice for the 1964 murders of his brother, Charles, and his friend, Henry Dee, he didn't know if ...

Editor's Note

Damned If We Don't

The weekend Katrina hit, Kate Medley and I were in the Natchez area finishing research and art for the package of stories that you'll read in this issue. This time ...


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