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Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

Now that summer is in full swing, gardeners have to deal with pests.

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Plant Now for Fall Harvest

One of the benefits of living in the South is that we can extend our growing period through at least three seasons just by timing our planting, and four seasons …

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Hot-Weather Watering

The hottest part of summer may require us to use more treated water than we may prefer. Chemicals from city water-treatment plants can build up and can also stunt microbial …

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Earth Day and the Organic Movement

Forty-two years ago, a new way of looking at our Earth arose in human consciousness.

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My Urban Farming Experiment

I started my first urban garden many years ago when I lived in Austin, Texas. I was attending the Texas Culinary Academy and had just started learning about the farm-to-table …

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Get Out of Town! Going Camping with Kids

In the midst of a seemingly endless swirl of meetings and errands and doctor's appointments and laundry to be put in drawers, there is nothing quite like a weekend escape …

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Owning My Mistake

The moment you sign the papers and the keys become yours, the education begins. It's not so much the information you're learning about the house or equity or basic maintenance; …

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Color Coding, Revisited

If home is where the heart is, some people probably have heart disease. Just like we sometimes show our worst selves to the people we love the most, we often …

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The Flat Broke Decorator

Decorating a home can be intimidating. Couple the intimidation factor with budgets so tight that Abraham Lincoln is squealing for mercy in our wallets, and the situation could turn into …

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Understanding Colors

As a new homeowner or someone looking for a new home project, painting and decorating can be fun but frustrating when trying to decide on the colors and schemes to …

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Mark's Man Cave

When my brother-in-law, Mark, and his wife, Cathryn, were looking for a house a few years back, he knew that she would decorate it as she saw fit. Fortunately, the …

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My Boudoir

With all the talk of man caves these days, it can be easy to forget that it was women who had to fight for the right to have a "Room …


My New Patio

Living in Arizona and Northern California gave me a greater appreciation for nature and enjoying the outdoors. In Arizona, I was able to enjoy the view of the beautiful mountains …

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One Zen Day at a Time

You could call me an armchair decorator. No, I don't mean that I spend my spare time decorating armchairs; I mean I like little more than plopping into a big …


Get Outdoors With Dad

Many Dads like to celebrate Father's Day with a backyard barbecue and a beer. Before the big meal, work up an appetite with some outdoor fun. Get the gang involved …