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FDA May Torpedo Food Movement

As many who follow food and farming news may have heard, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is formulating rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act that could adversely affect …

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What’s the Big Deal With Monsanto?

If you're concerned about the future of organic food and farming, the May 25th March Against Monsanto is a tangible way of expressing your concern.

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Antibiotics in Your Organic Apple?

When people think of organics, they think that the food they buy is free from synthetic chemicals of any kind. However, as noted in a recent article in ACRES USA …

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Grafting Tomatoes ‘The Next Big Thing?’

Southern organic gardeners are discovering what could be The Next Big Thing in tomatoes: grafting.

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A ‘Sound, Sensible’ Organics Program

The National Organic Program must be sensing increasing numbers of small farmers turning away from the USDA's certified organic program.

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Risky Business at the Nursery

Would-be and weekend gardeners are flocking to stores this time of year with hopes of finding already-started plants to put in their gardens.

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DIY Potting Soil Gives Organic Plants a Big Start

Good Friday is traditionally the time for those who plant "by the signs" in central Mississippi to put seeds in the ground, but for most home gardeners, now is a …

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In Search of Better Pecans

Frequently, people ask me why their pecan trees no longer bear. A major reason (among other possibilities) is that the trees don't get enough food.

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Urban Homesteading: Probiotics a Yummy Alternative

Modern homesteaders, that is, urban and rural folks who are into self-sufficiency, could do little better in regard to their food choices than delving into probiotics.

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Playing Odds of Last Frost Planting

Just about every day, I hear of someone who just couldn't wait until planting time to start digging in the ground and planting a crop for summer.

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