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It's Campaign Season (Again)

Yes, I know, it seems like it's always campaign season, which means that those flyers will soon be filling your mailboxes and emails will be filling your inboxes and ads will be filling your Facebooks (if they aren't already).

You could throw all that mail away, or you could send it to us to help us keep track of what candidates are telling people in the Jackson area. It can get pretty interesting, and sometimes changes what we think of a candidate (if, for example, they're using outdated, out-of-context crime stats to drum up support, which is pretty pathetic and practically begs for fact checking). Sometimes it reveals who is actually running a positive campaign, instead of just talking about it.

In any case, whatever you get, send it! (Or forward it or take a screenshot; you get the idea.) We've got congressional races coming up this fall, and it looks like the race for mayor is off to an early start.

Here's how to get in touch:
Mail: P.O. Box 5067, Jackson, MS 39296
Fax: 601-510-9019
Email: [e-mail missing]

And for those who are interested in how campaigns are marketing themselves, here's an interesting project by ProPublica, which is looking into how the presidential candidates' campaigns are targeting their email blasts to supporters. (The JFP doesn't quite have the resources to analyze all of Romney and Obama's marketing emails, but wouldn't that be fun?)

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You can also take photos of campaign flyers and email or text them to us!


But don't text them to me, because my phone's not that technologically advanced. :)


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