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Poll Watchers Needed

Rosalind Rawls, executive director of the Mississippi Democratic Party has put out the call for volunteer poll watchers to help guarantee the rights of Mississippi voters on Election Day. I urge you to read on regardless of your party affiliation. Here's her e-mail:

To all Mississippi Democrats,

We are working at the Democratic Party Headquarters to make sure that precincts across the state where Democrats have had difficulty voting are targeted for special watching on Election Day. Many of you have received calls asking about 'problem precincts' in your county.

We have received reports asking us to make a special effort to provide those precincts with coverage.

If you have not been contacted and are aware of any precincts where Democratic voters are historically intimidated, harassed or otherwise denied their right to vote, please notify Field Representative Jason Harper at [e-mail missing] so those precincts can be added to our list.

Volunteer Poll Watchers are needed for these precincts. If you are interested in volunteering as a Poll Watcher for November 4th, please e-mail Field Representative/Voter Protection Coordinator, Rita Royals at [e-mail missing].

A 40 minute Poll WATCHER Training via conference call will be held on Tuesday, Oct 21, Wednesday Oct. 22, and Thursday, Oct. 23 at 7PM. You may call in on any one of the 3 nights.

Note: This is not Poll Worker Training.

We need as many volunteers as we can get. A historic voter turnout on November 4th is expected and we want to make sure every Democrat can vote.

Absentee voting is recommended to shorten voting lines that are predicted to be very long on November 4th. The Obama campaign asks that we
take Democrats to vote absentee.

Many voters, persons over 65, persons with disabilities and persons working on Election Day (and others) can do walk-up absentee voting at their local county ciruit clerk from now until November 3rd.

Those voting absentee by mail must be sure to notarize their ballot and place 83 cents postage on the envelope. (the absentee ballot envelope has increased in size) Mailed absentee ballots must be received in the Circuit Clerk's office by Nov. 3.

(Disabled persons are not required to have a notarized ballot but must have another adult witness the signature.)

Thank you for your help with this important work.
Rosalind Rawls
Executive Director
Mississippi Democratic Party

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