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Fathers and Daughters

Fathers will show their daughters how to love and how to be loved in return. They are the first figure of strength daughters will ever know.

[Queen] ‘A Place in the World'

"God Almighty created each and every one of us for a place in the world, and for the least of us to think that we were created only to be …

Domestic Violence

[Queen] If I Were A Man

We are just as capable and ready for battle as any man—whatever that battle is.


[Queen] I Am a Feminist

One of my favorite quotes is by Margaret Trudeau: "I can't be a rose in any man's lapel." For years, these words have sung to the very core of my …


[Queen] A Light Ahead

Having a friend with depth and the ability to shoot from the hip is always a plus. But having one who has those characteristics and a degree in social work …


[Queen] It's About Women's Rights

I find it laughable that the state of Mississippi is even considering asking us to vote yes on Initiative 26. Really? We are being asked to make a law to …

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WE ARE ONE - Yes We Will!!!

It's difficult to live a day such as this one and not be completely saturated with deep emotions. From utter amazement to overwhelming pride and gushing accomplishment hold close to …



Has Biggie done that?

I'm sure everyone knows that there's a new movie about to come out called NOTORIOUS. It is suppose to be chronicling the life of the "greatest rapper of all time", …


COWBOY ROUND UP - Marion Barber's Toughness is Questioned by Team Owner!!!

GET THE "F" OUTTA HERE! If you know me, you know that I am a super Cowboy fan. If you know that, then you know that am a super duper, …


A Call for Sisterhood

A Call for Sisterhood

Just like the stubborn dedication of Harriette Tubman; the proud insistence of Rosa Parks; the support and strong family values of Betty Shabazz, Corretta Scott King and Merlie Evers; the …



Read the article and let me know what you think.

So apparently Vibe Magazine did a poll on the best rapper alive and the winner is - EMINEM!!!! He beat out Jay-Z, Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne. Could it be.....best …


Naysayers and Non-believers

I am growing very weary of people around this town who are always able to find some way to throw "salt" on those who are trying to make a difference. …


Shoot to Kill—Store Clerk Shoots Robber

So WAPT is reporting that a store clerk shot a man who had attempted to rob his store for a case of beer. This guy is facing murder charges since …


What's up with the Entertainment Industry?

Is it just me or have we decided involuntarily to accept any and all things thrown at us by artists and radio? I am just stunned to see that so …


Brett Favre - Make up Your Mind

What is it with these athletes that retire and within months are ready to come back? I don't get it! And this is retirement number two for Brett. Do you …


Senseless Smoking Ban

I just had to comment on this. Tried to avoid it, but it's really starting to peeve me off. I understand that people don't want to have to deal with …

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