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Personhood Mississippi to Push for Amendment Again

Personhood Mississippi president Les Riley announced yesterday that the group will begin another petition drive to put a personhood initiative back on the ballot.


Personhood Mississippi: We Are Listening to Voters

Personhood Mississippi founder Les Riley sent out a statement this morning praising Personhood legislation in the Oklahoma Senate and promising further efforts in Mississippi that will address voters' concerns about …


Personhood Resolution in House

As the window for introducing bills in the Mississippi Legislature closes, the personhood debate has once again surfaced.

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January 27, 2015

Personhood is Back

By AnnaWolfe

A previously failed proposal that aims to abolish abortion has resurfaced this legislative session.

State Rep. Randy Boyd, R-Mantachie, introduced a so-called Personhood bill in the form House Bill 1309, which would amend the state constitution to define a person as beginning at the moment of conception.

Boyd's bill number is reminiscent of a bill passed in 2012, House Bill 1390, which required physicians at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges to nearby hospitals.

Critics of Boyd's bill point to the failure to achieve a Personhood law through a statewide ballot initiative in 2011. During that drive, a proposed Personhood amendment to the state constitution failed to garner enough votes to become law. Later, in 2013, a group attempted to get the measure back on the ballot but missed a key deadline. Subsequent Personhood bills in the Legislature have also failed to gain traction.

Personhood has gained national attention not only because it would outlaw abortion in violation of the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, but because of the law's unintended consequences. Because such a law would also define a fertilized egg as a person, it could bring to question the legality of birth control pills, Plan B, and some methods of in-vitro fertilization, reproductive-justice advocates say.

The 2012 Mississippi admitting privileges law would have closed the last abortion clinic in the state, Jackson Women's Health Organization, because nearby hospitals refused to grant privileges to them. But the clinic fought the law, which resulted in a U.S. District Court striking it down. A federal appeals court upheld the decision and Mississippi's attorneys have not announced whether the state would appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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January 2, 2012

Salon Calls Out Mississippi

By Todd Stauffer

Most of the GOP's 2012 contenders are signing up to support "Personhood" initiatives that are similar to the one that Mississippi just overturned.

May 23, 2012

Awards, Awards, Awards: Cheers to JFP Staff, Freelancers

By Donna Ladd

Yesterday was a very good day for the JFP staff, and especially our writers and designers.

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How Personhood Failed in Mississippi

A Personhood initiative, which went far beyond banning abortion, failed in Mississippi. Who brought it down?

The Pink House Deals With 'Heartbeat Bill' Fallout

"Jesus loves you, mommy. Mommy, please don't kill me," a child's voice pleads from a large speaker system outside Mississippi's last abortion clinic, which is known among its defenders as "The Pink House."

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