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Barbour to Raise Funds for Republican PAC

Gov. Haley Barbour has joined American Crossroads, a well-funded conservative Political Action Committee that heavily influenced the 2010 elections, The Washington Post reported last week.


State Universities to Get Broadband Boost

Mississippi's research universities and other state research centers will be able to communicate much more efficiently, thanks to expanded broadband technology.


State Revenues Down for May

Read the state's revenue report

Mississippi Receives Federal Disaster Designation

<i>Verbatim statement from Gov. Haley Barbour</i>:

JACKSON - Gov. Haley Barbour announced today that residents in 18 counties affected by the severe storms, flooding and tornadoes April 15-April 28 are now eligible for federal disaster assistance.

Barbour Testifies at Health-Care Hearing

During a U.S. House of Representatives health-care reform hearing yesterday, Gov. Haley Barbour argued against the law's mandatory requirement for states. President Barack Obama, however, endorsed a bipartisan Senate bill ...


Barbour Cheers Economy, Chides Obama

In his final State of the State address yesterday, Gov. Haley Barbour offered optimism about Mississippi's economic recovery, as well as criticism of President Barack Obama and the federal government. ...


Barbour Proposes 8 Percent Budget Cut in 2012

Gov. Haley Barbour outlined his 2012 budget proposal at a press conference this afternoon, calling for an average of 8 percent cuts to state agencies next year. Barbour's $5.47 billion ...

Barbour to Announce Budget Proposals

Gov. Haley Barbour will release his budget proposals for the upcoming 2012 fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2011, during a press conference this afternoon.

Oil Spill

Oil Found on Miss. Barrier Island

Residue from the Gulf oil spill has washed up on Petit Bois Island, Gov. Haley Barbour announced in a press conference this afternoon. A two-mile long strand, approximately one meter ...

Barbour Has Joined Health-Care Lawsuit

Friday, Gov. Haley Barbour joined the multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the federal health-care bill passed by Congress earlier this year. Barbour is moving ahead with the suit despite ...

Barbour Declares Third Emergency

Several north Mississippi counties joined Gov. Haley Barbour's emergency list yesterday because of severe storms, flooding and tornados that left at least three Mississippians dead. The counties of Benton, Lafayette, ...

Barbour Declares Day of Prayer

Gov. Haley Barbour has declared today a "day of prayer" to commemorate the Mississippians who suffered losses in Saturday's tornadoes and last week's oil rig explosion in the Gulf of ...

Barbour: Slavery Omission ‘Doesn't Matter for Diddly'

Speaking Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union," Gov. Haley Barbour defended fellow Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's recent proclamation of Confederate History Month that did not reference slavery. While ...

Eminent Domain Petition Circulating

After Gov. Haley Barbour vetoed a bill last year to limit the state's use of eminent domain, the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation is circulating a petition to put the issue ...

Barbour Still Waiting to Sue Feds

Gov. Haley Barbour will wait for the Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum to file a multi-state suit against recently passed national health-care reform before joining in, his office said today.

Gov. and Dems Play Blame Game

Gov. Haley Barbour and House Democrats are blaming each other for the Legislature's failure to re-authorize the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, an agency that provides workforce services and dispenses ...


Barbour Vetoes Budget Restoration

Gov. Haley Barbour vetoed budget reconciliation act Senate Bill 2688 today, a bill that restored $79 million in cuts he enacted for Fiscal Year 2011. The governor rejected the bill ...


Barbour Announces $21 Million More in Budget Cuts

Gov. Haley Barbour announced another round of state budget cuts totalling $21 million today. Today's cuts, which represent roughly 0.5 percent of the state budget, bring total cuts for the ...


Barbour Vows More Cuts, Private Prisons

Unhappy that the Mississippi House of Representatives turned back his move for more budget power, Gov. Haley Barbour today promised to slash most of the state budgets more than 8 ...

Barbour Delivers State of the State Address

(verbatim statement) Mr. Speaker, Governor Bryant, members of the Legislature, distinguished guests and fellow Mississippians:


State of the State Tonight

Gov. Haley Barbour will deliver the twice-delayed Mississippi State-of-the-State speech tonight at 6 p.m. The speech, postponed because of water issues in Jackson, will air live on Mississippi Public Broadcasting ...


Barbour to Deliver State of the State

Gov. Haley Barbour will deliver the annual Mississippi State-of-the-State speech tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. from the state capitol. The speech will be broadcast live by Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

State Tax Revenues Down Again

Mississippi tax collections for October were behind estimates for the month by 6.74 percent, or $28.5 million, Gov. Haley Barbour stated yesterday. For the year to date, the first four ...

Governor Leads Southern Energy Conference

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour joins Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens today in Biloxi to lead a two day energy summit titled "Southern Energy: Abundant, Affordable and American." according to the ...

Barbour Co-founds Anti-Democratic Group

Looking for a political comeback, leaders in the Republican Party yesterday launched a group to strategically oppose the Democratic agenda, reports The Wall Street Journal.


Barbour Schedules Stimulus Meeting

[verbatim] Governor Haley Barbour is bringing together state agency heads, legislators and local government officials as well as inviting the public to participate in a Mississippi Stimulus Summit on April ...


Governor Signs DNA Bill

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour signed SB 2709 into law yesterday. The bill mandates that the state preserve DNA evidence and conduct DNA testing on biological evidence.


Will Senate Allow Stimulus Discussion?

Last week, the Mississippi House passed a resolution to override Gov. Haley Barbour's decision to reject some of the stimulus funds for the state. Barbour has stated that he will ...

House Approves Medicaid Hospital Measure

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journail is reporting that the Mississippi House has approved a $45 million assessment on hospitals in a compromise to cover part of the $90 million shortfall ...

Barbour Announces New Coast Housing Effort

Under fire for diverting federal funds away from low- and middle-income housing for Katrina survivors, Gov. Haley Barbour today announced a new housing plan for public-sector employees on the Gulf ...


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