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Which Pardons Hold Up Under Legal Scrutiny?

Attorney General Jim Hood released a statement this morning, saying he has found 21 people among former Gov. Haley Barbour's 200-plus pardons who have fulfilled the constitutional requirements to receive pardons. The statement said that 156 people did not meet the requirement to publish their intent to ask for a pardon in a newspaper for 30 days. Hood's office is still processing 26 files.

A hearing is scheduled for Monday where Hood says he will argue that the court should hold some of the purported pardons null and void.

As the fallout from Barbour's end-of-term pardons continues, The Clarion-Ledger reports that Gov. Phil Bryant has discontinued the practice of using inmates as trustys at the Governor's Mansion.

Here is the list of Barbour's pardons who Hood's office said have met the publication requirements:

1. Mark Hubbard Allen – Vehicular homicide – Oktibbeha County
2. Thomas Beasley – Sale of marijuana, sale of cocaine – Oktibbeha County
3. Bobby Ray Camp – Burglary and larceny of a building – Monroe County
4. Ryan Jeremy Cooper – Prescription forgery – Lowndes County
5. Louise E. Griffin – Homicide – Forrest County
6. Barbara Hamilton – Burglary of a residence and robbery – Jackson County
7. Emily Rebecca Hentz – Conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, attempt to manufacture methamphetamine – Tallahatchie County
8. Jerome Francis Jackson – Burglary and larceny of an automobile – Jackson County
9. John D. Jackson – Strong arm robbery – Rankin County
10. Johnny McCool – Felony crime of possession of precursor chemicals with intent to manufacture methamphetamine – Sharkey County
11. Kevin McCullough – Unlawful sale of marijuana – Pike County
12. David Willard Newcomb – Possession of crystal meth within 1,500 feet of a church, manufacture of crystal meth within 1,500 feet of a church – Tishomingo County
13. Zachary Polk – Sale of a controlled substance – Oktibbeha County
14. Norman Lee Redo – Possession of controlled substance – Hinds County
15. Barry Sanderson – Kidnapping – Harrison County
16. Dawn Renee Schaefer – Embezzlement, shoplifting, conspiracy to commit crime of felony shoplifting – Pike County
17. Jason Todd Shivers – Sale of LSD – Oktibbeha County
18. Justin O. Smith – DUI death – Forrest County
19. Scott McLean Smith – Sale of amphetamine – Lafayette County
20. Alice Steed Triplett – Embezzlement – Neshoba County
21. Joel Vann – DUI death – Alcorn County

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Hood's office just sent this update: 51 of Barbour's pardoned criminals did not bother to file notice at all (and apparently Barbour's office didn't bother to check); amazing. Verbatim: UPDATE ON AG’s PARDON REVIEW: # who have sufficiently published: 25 (see list below) TOTAL # with no publication or insufficient publication: 168 (51-list below- with no publication and 117 with insufficient publication) # still being reviewed: 10 LIST OF PERSONS WHO HAVE SUFFICIENTLY PUBLISHED Mark Hubbard Allen Thomas Beasley Bobby Ray Camp Ryan Jeremy Cooper Louis E. Griffin Barbara Hamilton Emily Rebecca Hentz Jerome Francis Jackson John D. Jackson Johnny McCool Kevin McCullough David Willard Newcomb Zachary Polk Norman Lee Redo Barry Sanderson Dawn Renee Schaefer Jason Todd Shivers Justin O. Smith Scott McLean Smith Alice Steed Triplett Joel Vann Amy D. Mooney (Love) Paul Craig Herbert Lowery Mabrie C. Gilmer LIST OF PERSONS WHO DID NOT PUBLISH AT ALL 1. William A. Bardwell 2. Booker T. Barnes 3. Larry R. Booker 4. Frank Borders 5. Lee Brackeen 6. Aaron C. Butler 7. Michael Collum 8. Stanley Duncan 9. Peggy Sue Eiland 10. Russell G. Ferguson 11. Matthew Nelson Godfrey 12 Michael D. Graham 13. Jeffrey L. Haire 14. Robert Henderson 15. Thomas Levi Howell 16. Phillip Jackson 17. April M. Johnson 18. Shundrell Johnson 19. Michael Jones 20. Hardy McCormick 21. Anthony McCray 22. Jimmy McNeese 23. Harold Miller 24. Justin Wade Nunnery 25. Larry Darnell Roby 26. Shirley Ann Smith 27. Roger Stakley 28. Robert E. Stanfield 29. Clemmie R. Stewart 30. Jimmy Thomas 31. Steven Todd Thompson 32. Brenda L. Travis 33. Clarence Tyer 34. Carol Denise Williams 35. Shirley Winston 36. Martin Miller Jack 37. Perry Sims 38. Leton C. Upchurch 39. Daniel C. Campbell 40. Roslyn Robertson 41. Bobby Neal 42. Amy Douglas Love 43. Marion Thompson 44. Latisha R. Gilbert 45. Daniel Caleb Campbell 46. Donald D. Adcock 47. Roslyn M. Robertson 48. Harry Russ Bostwick 49. Willie James Kimble 50. Benjamin Earl Hussey 51. Mary Brower


At least one of those who didn't publish (Laton C. Upchurch) is dead. I wonder if the procedure differs for posthumous pardons.


There are errors on both lists. Here are the errors (and corrections when appropriate per Hood's office): Amy Love is on both lists. She should appear only on the first. Paul Craig (List No. 1) isn't on Barbour's list (from the Secretary of State). Bobby Neal is actually Bobby Neal Brown. Daniel Campbell and Roslyn Robertson are on the second list twice (human error), bringing that total down to 49.


It kinda seems like the AG's office would factcheck something so important before sending it out.



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