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Power of Love

Let's just be honest. Science frowns on the idea that certain foods have the power to, you know, increase your libido. (If you don't know what that is, you shouldn't be reading this anyway. Next story.)

But many people swear by aphrodisiacs, named in honor of the Greek goddess Aphrodite who, they tell us, knew how to please and be pleased. So even if eating that dark chocolate-dipped strawberry just causes an, uh, rising placebo effect, then the mission is accomplished. And many of these foods also make you smarter and healthier, so you might as well believe.

Try these on for size. (So to speak ... )
• Chocolate (dark with natural ingredients)
• Bananas (especially for men; yes, ironic)
• Oysters (even better delivered with a long string of pearls)
• Basil (some people even think they look like a Georgia O'Keefe painting if you get my drift. Each to his own.)
• Figs (maybe this is Eve's fault; she was naked, after all. Until she wasn't.)
• Champagne (well, duh ... Brut, please)
• Cinnamon (better yet, delivered straight to your bed on a breakfast tray)
• Chili pepper (ohh, la, la)
• Mango (messy; remove clothes before peeling)
• Pumpkin (au naturel jack-o-lantern carving anyone?)
• Coconut water (especially if you bathe in it; choose the big tub)
• Honey (you figure out the best recipe for success, and deliver, here)
• Cherries (nuff said)
• Vanilla (as in ice cream made from real vanilla beans; drizzle however you see fit)

See more at http://www.libido-increasing-food.com.

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