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Supes OK Jackson Road Projects


Hinds County District 3 Supervisor Peggy Calhoun's motion to deny Milwaukee Electric forgiveness for taxes because of errors on the company's behalf passed today.

The Hinds County Board of Supervisors gave advance approval today for county public-works crews to do routine maintenance work in the city of Jackson. The board passed Supervisor Peggy Calhoun's motion to let the county Public Works Department do any work taking less than two days without getting explicit board approval.

At last month's meeting, the board passed a motion requiring County Public Works Director Carl Frelix to get approval for any work within municipalities taking more than two days. Calhoun said that the requirement was meant to address some routine projects in Jackson, such as mowing along U.S. Highway 80, that take three days or more and disrupt the county's work schedule.

Frelix told the Jackson Free Press that the county public works department typically receives one or two requests for service per month from Jackson residents. Those requests are usually for grass mowing along road right-of-ways or other minor road maintenance, Frelix said, and can usually be completed in less than two days.

Supervisor Doug Anderson, who represents rural parts of Hinds County and sections of Clinton, objected to Calhoun's motion and argued that it would lead to "double-dipping" of services. "I can understand our providing services at certain times for the city of Jackson and the city of Clinton, but this is on a continuous basis," Anderson said. "I don't agree with that policy."

"By no means are we asking the public works department to go into the cities of Clinton or Jackson on a daily basis," Calhoun responded. "Citizens don't care what pot the money comes out of. All the citizens know is that they pay taxes to both Hinds county and the city of Jackson and that they need services."

County boards of supervisors in Jones, Madison and Lauderdale counties all provide some regular public works services to municipalities, Calhoun added.

Calhoun offered to exclude maintenance work in Clinton from her motion, to which Anderson replied that he "would certainly wish" that Clinton not use county public works crews for maintenance work.

With the policy restricted to work within Jackson, the board passed Calhoun's motion unanimously.

The board also voted unanimously to hire Tony Gaylor, the county's bond attorney, to draft legal documents and provide advice for the creation of a water and sewer district around the proposed Byram-Clinton corridor. The parkway project would connect Byram and Clinton and provide opportunities for economic development. Because of the increased water and sewer utility demands that would come from greater development, the corridor area needs a water-sewer district to administer utilities in the area, Calhoun said.

Supervisors also approved a contribution to the purchase of playground equipment for three parks in Jackson. The board voted unanimously to provide $100,000 to the city for the equipment.

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