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Thompson Schedules Health-Care Town Hall Meetings


No clear winner emerged in Tuesday's District 2 GOP primary to face Rep. Bennie Thompson in November.

In an effort to give Mississippians an opportunity to discuss the proposed health care reforms currently under debate in the U.S. Congress, Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of the state's 2nd Congressional District has scheduled a town-hall meeting in Jackson. The Aug. 24 meeting will be held at the Stringer Grand Lodge, 1072 J.R. Lynch St. in Jackson, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Thompson, who says he supports universal health care, along with increased accessibility and quality in a statement on his Web site, has scheduled additional meetings in the Elks Lodges in Greenville and Greenwood for Aug. 25 and 26, respectively. Those meetings also start at 6:30 p.m.

Rep. Gene Taylor of Mississippi's 4th District, a member of the Democrat Blue Dog Coalition, has scheduled a town hall meeting Aug. 17 in Moss Point. Taylor has stated that he is not in favor of the proposed reforms, and that he wants to see increased generic drug use in the bill, among other changes.

"Increasing the use of generic drugs. Generic drugs, you get the benefit without the cost and we ought to be doing that for what we buy with taxpayer dollars," Taylor told a WDAM-TV reporter.

Taylor believes health care reform should not add to the national debt, but should be crafted to benefit consumers.

WAPT reports that Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker and congressmen Travis Childers and Gregg Harper are planning forums but have not announced their schedules.

Thompson and Taylor could not be reached for comment.

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The main thing to keep in mind is that health insurance is supposed to provide medical coverage when needed. . But unlike businesses that provide a product to make money, health insurance companies make money when they restrict and do not pay claims. Read a health insurance contract. Pay attention to limitations and exclusions. People’s health is not a product that needs to be left to money motivated CEO’s. If that is your thinking, you might as well have your police and fire dept protection based on insurance premiums you pay. Then you can go to the police and fire protection insurance page for ‘limitations and exclusions’ on whether or not the police or fire dept would come out to your house in the event of an emergency. The point is, you would never think of discriminating against another citizen if he was the victim of a fire or crime. So why would you be ok with health insurance companies discriminating against fellow citizens who have pre-existing medical conditions?


I'm gonna make every effort to try and go to this meeting. I also plan on speaking out and I could care less if the boisterous dissenters that have mobbed town hall meetings all over the country have anything to say about it.

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