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Share Your Health Care Vision

<i>(Verbatim from the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program</i>

In less than 3 months a new American President will be sworn in and tasked with addressing the nation's healthcare challenges. Voting in yesterday's election was not your only opportunity to voice your concerns on health care.

The Voices for Health Care Online Dialogue provides you the chance to select healthcare policies you would like to see implemented by the next administration. Sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the findings from Voices for Health Care will be shared with policy makers, health care advocates, and the media.

Voices for Health Care is a multi-state effort engaging leaders and the public in working through alternatives for health care reform. Led by the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program, Voices for Health Care in Mississippi has sponsored a series of public dialogues and stakeholder sessions around the state in 2008. The project's goal is to identify common ground and approaches to sustainable reform that all can support.

This is an exciting opportunity for everyone in Mississippi to become better informed about the choices our state faces in health care reform and make their voice heard. The Voices for Health Care Online Dialogue gives participants a valuable opportunity to connect with their fellow citizens, grapple with the choices and
tradeoffs involved in health care reform and to help improve health care for all Americans. The online
dialogue enables hundreds of people to participate in an electronic dialogue with others who hold very different worldviews

For more information, contact Jarvis Dortch of the Mississippi Health
Advocacy Program
at [e-mail missing], 601-353-0845.

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