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Greenwood Teen Settles Cop Suit, ‘No Pun Intended'

James Marshall, a Greenwood teenager who scuffled with a police officer in 2006, has settled his lawsuit against Officer Casey Wiggins, the city of Greenwood, Greenwood Public Schools and others for an undisclosed amount, according to his attorney Carlos E. Moore. Matt Saldaña of the Jackson Free Press profiled Marshall in this cover story, "Unholstered: A Greenwood Family Fights For Its Rights". The JFP also sued the district over the release of a video of the incident.

Moore released this verbatim statement this afternoon about the settlement:

James Marshall who was attacked at gunpoint by Officer Casey Wiggins at Greenwood High School on December 6, 2006 has settled his $2 MILLION case against Officer Wiggins, the City of Greenwood, Greenwood Public Schools, and all other named defendants. The attack was caught on videotape and drew national attention. The video footage was posted on You Tube and has been viewed by over 275,000 individuals and is still receiving comments as of today. The case was settled for an undisclosed amount said Marshall's attorney, Carlos E. Moore, of Grenada.

James Marshall is pleased that the case has settled and that he lived through the horrendous experience to tell about it, said Moore. In many instances that is not the case and innocent blood is shed as well as needless lives lost because of trigger happy cops. In this case, not only has Marshall recovered monetary damages, but Wiggins was also forced to resign from the Greenwood Police Department by his own admission. Not only has Wiggins resigned since the incident but the Police Chief, Henry Harris, and the School Superintendent, Dr. Les Daniels, have also resigned. Wiggins has moved to Texas and is far away from Marshall so Marshall is pleased. As part of the settlement agreement, both Marshall and Wiggins have agreed not to seek criminal charges against the other at any time in the future as a result of the December 6, 2006 fiasco.

Neither Marshall nor Wiggins ever served any jail time and neither has a criminal record as a result of the infamous scuffle, said Moore. All in all, I think Marshall came out on top, no pun intended, said Moore.

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Dear lord. Never seen the footage before.

David McCarty

Glad it's settled. Maybe that will make the trigger-happy cops think twice about doing something similar. Anyone that would pull a stunt like that should be like Barney Fife and have one bullet in his front pocket.



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