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Lobbyist: Barbour Has No Ties to Firm

Bobby Harrison is reporting in the Daily Journal that Lanny Griffith has issued a statement about Haley Barbour's current status with his (former?) lobbying firm.

Lanny Griffith, chief executive officer of the Washington lobbying firm he started with Haley Barbour, issued on Wednesday the most definitive statement yet that the governor no longer holds an interest in the firm.

"Gov. Barbour is not an employee or officer of the firm and neither he nor his blind trust has an ownership interest in the firm," Griffith said in an e-mailed statement.

The only income Barbour receives from the firm, Griffith said, is a "monthly termination payment" of a fixed amount that is not affected by the firm's profitability - an income source the governor had previously acknowledged.

According to the national media reports, the blind trust agreement said he had a profit-sharing plan and almost a million dollars of stock in the lobbying firm's parent company, an Eaves statement said.

"This doesn't clear up anything," said Sharon Garrison, spokeswoman for Eaves. "It's mealy-mouthed lobbyist talk that says one thing and then contradicts itself with another.

"The only way Barbour can begin to answer these questions is by coming clean and showing us what's been in the trust for the last four years."

Of course, the follow-up question, should Mr. Griffith allow one, is whether at any point since Barbour has become governor has he owned stock or any kind of interest in the firm. And then ask for documents to show his status for the last four years.

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Naturally, they could have terminated the relationship five minutes before the email, and resume it a little later in the afternoon.


Did anyone see Channel 16's fact check on the John Eaves commercial? There were several things listed in Eave's commercial against Barbour. According to their "fact-check" none of Eave's claims are factual The reporter based his "fact finding" on what "Haley said." I hope that 16 is not playing games with Eaves the way the CL played them with the mayoral race. Ironghost, I agree that the relationship with the firm could have been terminated five minutes before the e-mail was sent. You can bet that it has been re-started. Big Buck Barbour is not going to miss out on done dime that can go into his pocket. He (Barbour) spoke with so joy about the Bush veto of the health insurance bill for children. The rational from both of these wealthy men just makes my stomach hurt.


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