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Party at Melton's House


The Jackson Free Press broke the story online July 11 that Jackson Mayor Frank Melton was planning a Friday-the-13th fund raiser at his home for sheriff's candidate and city spokesman Tyrone Lewis.

The invitation, faxed to the JFP, undermined Lewis' claim that Melton has not played a part in backing his campaign.

Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin has accused Lewis of running with the support of Melton. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist—I think Stevie Wonder could see that," McMillin told the JFP in a recent interview, referring to Melton's influence on the race. "Melton put (Lewis) into the position as public information officer of the city, so that every time the mayor is on television, you see Commander Lewis."

Lewis denied running at the behest of the mayor. "Just because I'm the city's spokesperson does not mean I'm the mayor's man. I believe I have a strong record, and I stand on my own," Lewis told the JFP.

Contacts listed on the invite denied knowledge of the invitation. Jackie Stubbs, one of the names listed, said: "I have no knowledge. I don't know what you're talking about."

Robert Henderson, the second name listed as a contact, called the document "bogus."

Melton denied putting Lewis up to run against McMillin—and knowledge of the party—to WLBT, hours before opening his home up for Lewis.

"That's absolutely not true," Melton told WLBT, adding that he would do the same for McMillin. "If Malcolm would like to have one out here, he's certainly welcome to do it," Melton said.

"Ain't that the silliest thing you've ever heard," McMillin quipped. "Now if he wants to finance my victory party, I'd be amenable to that, as long as we could have it somewhere else (other than his house)."

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It sill just amazes me how Frank said he had no knowledge of an upcoming fundraising party going on in his own home. How do you not know what's going on in your own home???? Just another lie...


I can't believe people can support someone who can look you straight in the eyes and lie. Heck, I'd rather you lied on me than lie to my face! Anybody who is familiar with the way FM operates knows that nothing goes on without his approval/knowledge. You better believe he not only knew of the fundraiser, he probably thought of it. Tyrone "Melton has nothing to do with my campaign" Lewis was shown to be a liar and a dumb one at that. If you are backed by Melton, own up to it.


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