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Clarion-Ledger on Mayoral Fashion

The Clarion-Ledger today gets in touch with the real issues of the mayoral face: fashion. Yes, friends, it's a whole piece about how they dress, and the Ledge uses the word "kick-butt" in print:

Re Johnson:
"But (owning fine clothes) has never been an aspiration of mine. My mother would always make sure I was neat and clean when I was growing up. I was one of those kids who had the jeans and the six-inch cuffs at the beginning of school, and by the end of the year the jeans still looked good but the cuffs were only one inch. They left a lot of room for growing.

"Whatever clothes I had, whether it was two pairs of pants or three, were always pressed and looked presentable."

He doesn't wear a suit 24/7. "When I'm home, I'm usually in a T-shirt and lounging pants ... I don't know how to describe them other than to say they're a step up from pajamas. But I like suits and I feel comfortable in them.

Re Melton:
Frank Melton, meanwhile, seems as if he could care less about image.
"It caused some problems at my campaign headquarters early on," Melton says. "They wanted to re-brand me. They told me I needed new clothes."

So Melton, former owner of WLBT-Channel 3 in Jackson and a self-made millionaire, appeased his staff: The day before he was to debate Johnson on live local television, Melton bought a striking dark suit — the first he'd purchased in nearly six years. And he drew the line at one.

Wonder how they factchecked the "factual" statement that he hasn't bought a new suit in six years? He's saying that alot now; one thing to quote him; another to state it as fact.

No framing going on in the "objective" media, right?


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