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JFP on the move!

Howdy all, we've been a bit out of pocket due to moving week, but we're in our new offices in Fondren, and they're really cool. Everyone's bouncing off the walls around here with excitement. I think designer Ken Patterson went to Cups today five times just because he could. (OK, maybe Cups is the reason they're all bouncing!) Seriously, this move is amazing for us, and I feel a little like I'm working in NYC again with all the sounds of commerce and industriousness right outside my window; I'm so fortunate to look out on all these wonderful, LOCALLY OWNED businesses in Fondren. I bet I can see 20 small businesses from my window right now, not to mention a real community that is working so hard to be an example of what the rest of the city can become.

We're still getting the offices together—yes, I have a lime-green wall; just one, though—and right now Stephen is installing some track lighting in the reception area. (Yes, I said reception area! Anyone who came to our old offices know how special THAT fact is.) Stephen has been painting, installing tile and assembling furniture for near two weeks now—after sales hours. I've said it before: Stephen Barnette symbolizes so much of what the JFP is about. Hard work, positive thinking, belief in community, open-mindedness, good humor, creativity, compassion. (And, yes, he'll kill me if/when he reads this!)

Admittedly, I'm in an introspective mood, so bear with me: It is wonderful to work so hard and grow a local business and communication outlet like this one that people react to in such a positive way. I really want to thank everyone reading this; I promise that we will continue busting our butts and keep innovating and improving our print product, this Web site and our community outreach in order to really deserve the support you've all given us over the last year and a half. It's humbling, and so, so appreciated. And keep your letters and e-mails coming; we want your ideas and your participation.

Back to work now. ;-)


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