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Mississippians 'Confused' About Personhood?

Not satisfied with taking "no" for an answer from the state's voters, Personhood Mississippi has teamed up with the Christian ultra-conservative American Family Association to take another shot at changing …

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Women Still Under Assault

With Mississippi's only abortion facility facing permanent closure due to a law passed during the 2012 legislative session, other women's reproductive rights may be fairly safe during this year's session.

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A Jump to the Left? Mississippi: The 2012 Elections and Beyond

Among the many names folks have called Mississippi—from the Hospitality State to the Cradle of the Confederacy—“political trendsetter” probably doesn’t rank high on many lists.

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Mississippi Women's Turn: Can They Break the Political Ceiling?

The political landscape might have shifted in Mississippi, but in 2012, women are still struggling with the same issues.

Domestic Violence

Why Did He Do It?

This morning, in the wake of Haley Barbour's Pardongate, an old joke popped into my head.

Why does a dog lick his balls?

Domestic Violence

Barbour Pardons Two More Woman Killers

Gov. Haley Barbour's going-away present for Mississippi is to put a trio of convicted murderers back out on our streets, including two more who brutally murdered the women in their …


‘Personhood' Petition Filed

Personhood Mississippi, an anti-abortion organization led by Les Riley of Pontotoc, has filed a petition with the secretary of state's office to put the issue of when life begins on …

Health-Care Events in Jackson

Two health-care reform events will take place in Jackson tonight and tomorrow representing the opposing viewpoints of the reform debate.